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Week 7 - RTFC Vs Mansions
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RTFC - 10 Vs Mansions - 5

Eager to give the best team in the league (Romford Town of course) a run for their money, Mansions came out and battled hard but their defianced was short-lived before the Towners laid the Smackdown on the leagues whipping boys.
Romford Town started with a cautious attitude on realisation of having no water at all!  Not one player had taken into to account the hot, hot weather that was to test the endurance of the Towners men and so the dry-mouths of the players went into the game dryer than Ghandi's rotton old flip flop. 

Only one other entity could lay the Samkdown like Romford Town!

The game started off with a Romford Town kick off and Murrell stepped forward to lay the ball back to the attempted scorer from the kick off on this occasion which happened to be Towner devotee and captain, Chris Jones.  The whistle went and Murrell slid the ball back to Jones.  With an almighty whack Jones slammed the laces to the ball for the shot to scream towards goal to end up going wide to the left, leaving it to be but a mere warning for the hapless opposition Mansions.
The game began positively for the Towners, initial attacks from McGhee unable to come to fruition but a good start for the Towners to work from nonetheless.  It wasn't long before attacking midefield wizard Hammond was on the scoresheet, the usual dazzling display of peripheral magic landing Hammond with his first spot on the scoresheet for the night and taking the Towners ahead. 
It wasn't long before Jones was back in the fray, in more than one sense, taking his determination to the usual dizzying heights of Romford Town fandom, the ragemaster managed to make enemies without too much time passed and backed it up with some wonderful Towner play ending in a sweetly hit shot that settled deep into the Masion net.  Jones was on the scoresheet and wasn't finished for the night.
The rest of the Towners had been expected it and as of late it was becoming something of an inevitability as more excellent Towner play saw John McGhee in posession down the right hand side.  Making steps infield, McGhee reacted with precisiveness to the calls of team mate Hammond who was inside to his left.  A threaded ball to feet came before Hammond, who managed to turn body and sould in a completely different direction to the one he was going in to leave Murrell set up for the super boomer that slammed into the top left hand corner of the Mansion net. 
The Towners had raced ahead in a game that was going well before gaps in defence opened up for Mansions to begin testing stand-in keeper Roger Dogs, taking place of the unavailable Mikey Fermin.  Many a shot came his way but classic Towner determination was in play for Roger too as he threw every limb available to any oncoming onslaught that Masions decided to bring forward.  Diving all over the place and not backing down to any shot, Rogers play was instrumental in keeping the deficit as long as it was.  Too much space and time were gifted to Mansion players occasionally as the brought things back a little as the first half continued.
Stu Leonard was back with the Towners though to lend his crunching services once again, making up for the outfield absence of Roger Dogs, and then some.  Any players that got anywhere near Lenny soon wished they didn't as he steamed into many a tackle to keep Mansion attacks at bay.  Partnered with John McGhee for most of the game, they charged down and demoralised the Mansion forwards.
Before long the rubbish ref blew his rubbish whistle to signal the end of the first, Towners with the slight advantage.

The Towner players desperately needed liquid as they all shared a mouthful each from the one player that had a drink.  Towner teamwork, once again in full flow, even at the break.
More of the same continued in the second half but a scare brought things close to being levelled for the Mansions as a couple of goals slipped by the reach of Roger Dogs in between the sticks.  It was sorted out soon enough as the Towners replied with a renewed imputous to clime closer to the Top of the Table.  DMK had been getting involved in some sublime play, linking well with the likes of Murrell, Hammond and Jones to attack down the sides and centre.
Speaking of the sides though, more Hammond magic began some progress and a seemingly dead end situation found Hammond stuffed into the left hand corner of the pitch up against the boards.  All Towner players were marked and difficulty to get the ball to a more open player wearing the same colour shirt seemed to ger worse with every passing moment.  But wait a second, doesn't that legend Murrell play for the Towners?  Indeed he does, as he ran back and fourth trying to lose his marker, coming line for Hammond at one point to run back to the other side of the goal.  Hammond had the skills to turn the player hacking at his legs and send the ball across the goal to the waiting Murrell who had just enough space outside the area to apply the finish and take goal number 2 for himself for the night.
As the game continued more goals from Honz, Hammond and Leonard took the tallies higher, Hammond and Honz grabbing their hatricks but leaving Murrell wanting, and did he get what he wanted! 
An individual effort from soon to be 22 year old Murrell saw him stretch to intercept on the left hand side of the park and keep balance to race forward and apply the outside of the boot finish to the shot encapsulating the first hatrick of the season for Murrell.  The classic celebration made an appearance too as he dashed across the field of play to cartwheel in celebration of the excellent individual tally.
A good result for the Towners saw them go 3rd in the league one point away from top spot and the top team to play in the next game.  We wait with baited breath for the result and the possible top positioning of the one and only Romford Town.

"Hi, I'm Michael Jackson and the Towners are my favourite soccer team"

Player Ratings
Chris Jones - Joint man of the match Jones, picked up the result this week after a sterling performance both defensively and attackingly tonight, a nice hatrick to cap a good nights work for the Towner captain.  Goals - 3.
Stevey Hammond -  Wicked night for Hammond tonight, not only for scoring but setting them up as well, some excellent team play and defensive work at points too.  Goals - 3.
Stuart Leonard - Another MOTM finalising the joint three this week, Leonard there when it counted on the backbone of Towner defence.  Quality knocking of Mansion players back into touch!
John McGhee - Good performance tonight and showed some promising work coming forward.  Unfortunate not to get on the scoresheet but had his balloon boots on tonight.  Made up for it in other areas of the park though.
DMK - Quieter than normal week for him but some nice work nonetheless when attacking at time.  Passing was well up there for most of the game but would have expected a couple of goals tonight usually.  Work rate was good though.
Roger Dogs - Excellent night in goal for the Towner, a lot of credit has to go with the man in between the sticks.  Some blinding saves and obvious grim determination.  Some nice rolling out and talking too.
Rickee Murrell - What a legend, etc, etc.  Got a hatrick, etc, etc.