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Week 8 - RTFC Vs Jeff FC

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RTFC - 7 Vs Jeff FC - 5

The reputation of league veterans Romford Town had slipped in the earlier weeks of the current season but this particular Wednesday night wasn't just about getting to the top of the table, but also to redeem themselves from the fateful loss to Jeff FC at the beginning of the season when the 8-3 deficit Romford Town suffered proved an early obstacle to kicking off the season to a good start.
Tensions were high from the off, Towners with something to prove and Jeff FC at risk of losing their place at the top spot, only determination from the team that wanted it more was gonna churn out a winner, or the team that was ten times better than the lucky winners last time!!! 
Mike took his regular place between the sticks ready to keep the goal like a demon for the nights play.  Leonard had stepped in to replace the unavailable due to work McGhee to offer his old-fashioned crunching style that you expect to usually leave players in a mangled heap on the floor!
Roger dogs resumed his place in the middle of the park after his goalkeeping duties last week and the rest of the team saw no change with Murrell, Jones, DMK and Hammond playing in their regular positions. 
The game started off extremely tight, time was difficult to come by for the Towner attackers and it was that boy Hammond to take things off the mark for the boys in red.  A fine individual effort after weaving through the Jeff FC defenders to finish a fast, accurate shot that nestled eventually in the far corner.  Jeff FC heads seemed to dip and the Towners took advantage to squeeze more past their skillful keeper.  Hammond again but also Jones getting another goal to add to his building tally in the Top Goalscorers competition. 

I would have said "Nike, Just poo it."

Halfway through the first half it was Lenny that proved himself an asset.  Things had been physical all game from both teams and the Towners had to match what was an ongoing tirade of sneaky heal kicks and shoulder-barging.  The fast feet of Jeff FC players were slowed down on most attacks that came Lenny's way, told to calm down at one point by the ref for his reactive defending at one point in the middle of the pitch.
Rogers defensive work was in full flow at one point when he could be seen batling hard to regain Towner posession and then laying the ball off to a safer option. 
DMK was having his go too and some fine attacking play came into action at points when DMK was on the ball.  His trademark rollback with his foot on the ball, giving him some space in the tight situations Jeff FC left the Towners in.  DMK took a goal from the game aswell, some excellent team play from Romford Town saw Danny receive the ball to power in a fine finish from close range clocked another one up for the Towners. 
In the second half things got a bit more frisky.  Halfway through, current Top Goalscorer Stevey Hammond went in for a tackle on a Jeff FC player in the middle of the park.  He seemed to innocently clip the opposition player on the back of the foot as he went for the ball, a common scene over goals but the ref felt this warrented a yellow card.  For a few minutes the Towners went down to 4 men and things were kept tight...
...until Rog subbed on.

The Towner madman had had a quiet few seasons so far, his unforgetable involvement in the first Towner game that saw it all go off with Jones at the centre of it all and just when things were calming down, Roger Dogs comes flying out of nowhere with a boot to one of the players in that game sending things into comotion once again.  This time it wasn't violence Rog was involved in, more what seemed like an incredible hulk of determination to attack when the Towners were down to three outfield players in Hammonds brief absence.  Roger steemed about the park with endless energy as he boomed around the pitch chasing the ball.  His efforts nearly paying off at one point when an unsuspecting Jeff FC player was tackled and Rog had the opportunity to shape to shoot but never got it off before Jeff FC could save themselves and send the ball back to their keeper.

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More goals went the Towners way, Hammond totally four for his efforts on the night, Lenny managed to nick one too taking the total to 7 for the Towners on the night.  They held things until just before the end of the game, not usually known for his violent temper, Stevey Hammond was kicked in the shins, his reaction was to classically pick the ball up and luz it at the face of a Jeff FC player.  This resulted in his second card of the game, inevitably red.  Hammond took his marching orders and bowled off after spitting at the ref. *Spitting incident may not be true*.
So there we have it.  The ref was a load of shite on a stick, the Jeff FC players a bunch of fucking babies and all the usual ingredients that each Towner brings to their game were all in full flowing style.  Lets keep things nicely where they are, the Towners looking good for their first title win and unbeaten for 5 games!

Player Ratings
Chris Jones - Jones's classic calling of sweetheart to one of the opposition players causes me to believe that soon, Jones is gonna have a ruck!  Excellent night for the defender, battled bravely throughout the night and picked up a nice goal.  Goals = 1.
Steve Hammond - Quality night for the in form Hammond, got stuck in and came away with a yellow and red card with some excellent "in ya face" Towner attitude!  (Get it? ha ha).  Scored 4 important goals that made the difference on the night.  Goals = 4.
DMK - Worked hard all night and scored a fantastic goal.  Some silky skills were on display and some nice passing gave Dan a nice all-round night.  Goals = 1.
Mike Fermin - A decent night in between the sticks with some good communication for the Romford Town players.  Got his back.
Stu Leonard -  Another consistent performance this season, strong at the back and seemingly ready for any attack to charge it down and leave multiple wounds on his victim!  Goals = 1.
Roger Westwood - Wicked night for Roger as he never seemed to give up.  Steaming into tackles and usually coming away with the ball to neatly tidy up and get ready to move forward again.  Superb work Rog.
Rickee Murrell - No goals, no praise, sort it out fatboy.