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Hammond in FA rap shocker! - 25/07/05
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FA slam Hammond with fine and suspension....

Romford Town administration and fans were in shock yesterday as written correspondence dropped through the letter box to inform the club that an extended ban AND fine will be handed to Romford Town great Stevie Hammond.
The incident in question happened a few weeks back when Hammond was on the roster for the game against Jeff FC.  During the game, the first incident saw Hammond go in for a tackle and hack the legs of the Jeff FC player.  The ref cautioned Hammond who was still hungry for more violence!! 
Later in the game, with just minutes on the clock, Hammond was the victim this time as he dribbled up the pitch.  The Jeff FC player hacked the legs of Hammond and the ref blew up for it and gave the free kick to the Reds.  When the Jeff player told the ref he was going for the ball, Hammond picked it up and threw it at the players head saying, "Thats what the ball looks like!"  Before things could turn nasty the ref pulled the two players aside and sent off Mr Hammond.
Romford Town heard nothing until the arrival of the letter from the Essex County FA, the only thing had been a two match suspension for the two games after the red card which have now passed.  On top of this the FA have laid down a 35 day ban from 05/09/2005 to 09/10/2005 and are asking for a fine of 33.00.  The chance to appeal is available but in their letter the FA state that the appeal could result in an increase in punishment instead of some leniency.
The FA have threatened that failure to comply with their instructions will result in a fine against the club and/or individual, in addition to possible further action. 

Hammond in action for the Town

Manger Rickee Murrell was on hand with an urgent press conference not long after the news was received, "I think it's diabolical that the FA have decided to take this action against Mr Hammond.  Steve is a respected player for Romford Town and has been instrumental in taking us up the table this season.  You read about fines being dished out to the big clubs all day long, charging players with fines totalling thousands of pounds, obviously taking into account the individual players wages.  I don't think the FA have done this on this occasion.  In regards to the situation, the clubs job is to pass the information onto Hammond and leave him to make a decision on whether he appeals or pays but I can assure him that whatever he decides to do the club will back him fully."
Murrells decision to back the player comes as no surprise to anyone as the club fears treachery afoot.  Murrell commented on never being warned by Goals plans to refer incidents to the FA resulting in fines and suspensions let alone their involvement in the Goals set up.  The story continues....