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Week 14 - RTFC Vs Mansions
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RTFC - 8 Vs Mansions - 8

Romford Town made their last entrance onto the pitches at Goals for the 5th Season knowing that the Championship was already in the bag.  Mansions previous attempts to win against the Towners had always gone tits up previously, the Town always ending up being too much for Mansions to reckon with. 
The original 7 were on the pitch on the night for the Town and it was a great occasion for the original 7 players to officiate their collective effort together for the last game of the season to make the title win official. 
The game started negatively as Romford Town went behind by two goals from the off.  Jones tried to reply as he came forward on the attack and was unlucky not to grab the first Towner goal of the night when the ball was crossed across the front of the area and Jones and his left foot were gifted an attempt to score but the keeper was equal to it.
Mikey Fermin was in goal once again and his first half performance was good.  Many a save calling on the ever improving wonderkid to dive to the left and right but also roll out and communicate to players throughout the game.
Roger Dogs was working hard all over the pitch, as was DMK with plenty of running and tackling disguising two weeks of missed games over goals.
Stevey Hammond was on form for the win too, plenty of runs, one touch passes and silky skills were on show to add goals to the Towners hitlist. 
John McGhee's stern crunching at the back was the backbone of the Towners play.  Laying off passes and retaining posession, with the occasional help from Roger Dogs who occasionally came back to disposess the Mansion forwards and lay the ball off to Mikey Fermin in goal.
The Towners spent the first half always lagging one or two goals behind but tried to stay in the game.  The new pitch grass was having an effect too as well as the fact the Towners hadn't played together for three weeks. 
Finally the whistle went for the first half and a chance for the Towners to discuss the half failings came about.

A good night for John McGhee saw him come away with a hatrick

At the half time pep talk the Towners realised that they were falling out of shape and more effort was required in the next half.
The second half started a little better for the Towners, Stevey Hammond and John McGhee taking advantage of opportunities to score goals.  The real turning point came when Roger Dogs scored.  Not a goal to his name all season had come but on the last game of the season, the last chance he had, he took the bull by the horns and gave the Towner players and fans exactly what they wanted by slotting a fine finish into the back of the Mansions net.

Back on sale once again!!!

The goal seemed to pick the Towners up ready for a hectic last minute comeback as they chased a 2-goal defecit.  Stevey Hammond brought it up to 8-7 to Mansions as they heard the ref call out the 56 seconds left. 
The last action of the game saw Murrell grab his second of the night too as with just seconds on the clock, one last Towner attack found Hammond pass the ball across, Murrell control it and eventually apply the finish to bring the score square to 8-all. 
The Towners had finished the season with a club record 10 unbeaten games, a Roger Dogs goal and the championship they had been chasing for five long, hard seasons.
Player Ratings
Roger Dogs - Rogers hard work and goal in the last game of the season really made him stand out and earn the MOTM award once again.  So pleased for Rog that he got the goal and finished his personal season superbly.
DMK - Danny Monts had ran round the pitch like a man posessed on the night and obviously his efforts were not without notice.  Some excellent passing was on display as well and it was just a shame that the many shots beaten against the keepers hands didn't slip through and grant DMK with a goal.
Rickee Murrell - 2 goals, 2 bum cheeks, 2 man breasts and 2 hairy bad boy ball bags!  Oh ref!!!
Stevey Hammond - Good game for Hammond, was denied alot by the feet of the Mansions keeper that seemed to get his feet in the way of a everything but there you go.  Name went down for a few assists as well.
John McGhee - Excellent night for McNee, scoring the hatrick and had a massive impact on the game.  Steadying things at the back and coming forward to get on the scoresheet, John can be proud.
Mikey Fermin - Good night between the sticks except for a slight mistake in the second half but made up for it with plenty of saves and decent rolling.
Chris Jones - Good night for Jones, was really unlucky not to get on the scoresheet.  Some hard tackles and that classic no-nonsense approach to his game saw another satisfying performance from the Honz.