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Top Goalscorer award - Season 5 - Stevey Hammond

Stevey Hammond takes it once again, will anyone ever silence the goal machine???

It seems every single season Mr Steve Hammond makes it his job to grab Top Goalscorer by the end of the season.  Season 5 see's the Towners in his debt though as his goals have brought a little more this season than just the personal acheivement of Top Goalscorer.
Hammonds never-ending attacks on the opposing goals have ended with some extra special finishes this season, little dinks over the keeper, thunderbolts into the back of the net and even a free-kick into the top right hand corner. 
Hammond started the campaign with a bad leg following an industrial accident at the McDonalds where he works.  He showed true Towners spirit though by powering through his injuries and stepping up with strength and stamina at every available opportunity.
A fine example of Hammonds skill was reflected in this exert from the match report from our 2nd game of the season;
'Hammond jumped into the action too and became active in the middle of the park when he popped his second of the night away from some cool dribbling and equally high-standard finish.  Not long after though, the Towner was in the middle of the park again, hungry for more as he stepped aside the tackles of two Reject players and shot to finish with the outside of the boot and into the top-right hand corner past a struggling keeper.'
With 22 goals in 10 appearances for the club, Hammond lays down an exemplary display of goalscoring brilliance;


Player Name

Goal Amount

Games Played

Average Per Game


Stevey Hammond





Chris Jones


6 plus 1 more as GK



Rickee Murrell




As manager of such a fine team, it is with great pleasure that I come to officially award Stevey Hammond with Romford Towns Top Goalscorer award for season 5.