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Week 7 - RTFC Vs 1860 Lakeside
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RTFC - 12 Vs 1860 Lakeside - 8

Romford Towns recent games had a lot to be desired and the time had come for a turnaround.  Morale was creeping lower and lower as repeat defeats ducked the heads of the Romford Town players. 
Overstretched for players, the Towners had an injury list longer than your arm.  Towner keeper Mikey Fermin was forced to take to the sidelines with the spectators with a hand injury inflicted in last weeks game.  Danny Monts was also unavailable due to a mysterious back injury and captain Chris Jones was out due to sickness.  Jimmy White stepped in for the second time in as many weeks as well as Rogers mates Dan and Ben, called in to lend a helping hand to the understaffed side at late notice.
After a hasty warm up the game started poorly for the Towners.  Johns shot from the Murrell rollback from the kick off was saved by the keeper and seemed to instill some determination from the new Division 3 opposition.

McGhee shoots down the wing on another Towner attack

At the halfway point of the first half the Towners were 4-nil down and with it all to play for.  Temporary lapses in concentration had led to the Lakeside goals, especially when Hammond was nutmegged!  Oh ref!  Squad.
Towner heads stayed vertical though as they started to hit back, the in form John McGhee providing the Towners with the goal they needed to get back into the game.  From then on John McGhee was like a man posessed as he began to run rings around the opposition and not just on the ball.  Sneaking into excellent positions and pinging the ball into the back of the net made for good viewing. 
Jimmy was playing hard and fast as well though as he steamed through player after player when defending for the Towners.  Retaining posession and and laying the ball off to other Towners Jimmy also had his shooting boots on as he found himself with enough space to shape and shoot on more than one occasion. 
At half time, the Towners had scored three goals to bring the score up to 4-3 to them.

Stevey Hammond popped out of goal for the second and Roger dogs stepped in between the sticks to don the goalie gloves. 
Roger's boys on pitch were proving their worth to the Towners as they both attacked together on may an occasion to bring Lakeside down.  Many a feathered pass or silky skill was administered on the pitch as well as Dans crunching tackles at the back and Bens steaming rifle-shots slamming against board and post.  Their efforts came good eventually though as they both nabbed decent goals from the game.
It was Hammond who made his presence felt immediately though as his silky footwork in front of goal created endless opportunities to shoot and shoot he did to take away a hatrick of well-deserved goals from the game.
At the end of the day it was John McGhee's night as he found himself in space and involved in many an attack, almost always racing forward up the pitch to pass and shoot his way to a final tally of five impressive goals.  The step-in captain was inspirational in his play throughout the lot of his game as he attacked and defended all the way through.  Even with five goals John didn't forget his defensive duties, always managing to stick the boot in and usually come out on top.

Fermin watched from the sidelines as the Towners breezed to victory

Player Ratings
John McGhee - Played his heart out for the Town with everything he had and came out smelling of roses.  An absoloute classic performance takes McGhee to leg status.  Oh ref.
Roger Dogs - Excellent performance from Rog, a nice first half out on pitch, full of those battling tackles and midfield runs backed up by a wicked second hald performance in goal, reminiscent of a young Mikey Fermin!  Proud night for the dogs.
Ben - Many thanks to Ben for playing such a good game for the Town with his attributed performance on the pitch.  Had an absoloute rocket of a shot on the left peg which forced some good saves from the Lakesdide keeper and some loud pings when hitting the post.
Dan - Sturdy and consistent performance at the back as well as some excellent forward play when linking up with the likes of Ben, McGhee and Murrell.  Had a good eye for a decent pass when releasing players onto the attack.
Stevey Hammond - Nice performance in goal for the first half by making some good saves using the vision of the elders to send players on the attack when rolling out.  Coupled with an excellent show out on pitch in the 2nd by scoring the hatrick.
Jimmy White - Some excellent passing throughout the game and some excellent defending at times, throwing himself into opposition players to come out with the ball!  Was unlucky not to take a goal away from the game with that stinger of a shot Jimmy employs.
Rickee Murrell - 2 goals John McGhee, not quite five eh!!!