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Week 3 - RTFC Vs Springfield Casuals

RTFC - 6 Vs Springfield Casuals - 4

After a poor start to the Season Romford Town seem to be back to the norm; beating teams that think they're all that and a bottle of Don Pom.  A hiccup at the beginning of the night left Romford Town and their opposition waiting about half an hour for the game to start.  The wonderful Goals had planned excellently for the eventuality of one of their referees not turning up by letting Romford Towns very own Stevey Hammond ref the game as well as the game afterwards.  The boy done good although not much whistle work was required.
At the absence of the Romford Town legend a fitting replacement was found in the superstar dribbler .  Crane was also unable to play and Mikey Fermin was welcomed back to the fold to fill the gap between the sticks.

Mikey Fermin lets the ball know who's boss

The Romford Town players had a mare of a first half though.  DMK was playing injured, Murrell was playing shite, Honz was forgetting to play and concentrated on shouting and Logey, McGhee, Dogs and Fermin were the only ones that kept their heads firmly in place.  Still, the deficit increased against the Towners with the score at half time a worrying 3-1 to Springfield.
Romford Town are becoming better are coming back from the jaws of defeat and this week was no exception.  Roger Dogs was soon on the attack and ready for action as he made space in front of the Springfield goal and just got a toe to the ball to shoot.  The shoot was destined for the corner but the post got in the way and rebounded the ball back out the other side.
Honz and McGhee had chances and took them too, the second half a lot more successful than the first.  Romford Town looked like a new team.  Some superb passing took place, DMK, Murrell, Honz and McGhee usually playing away to attack and defend.  Both McGhee and Honz took two goals each to complete a fine performance.
It was Mikey Fermin in between the sticks that took the MOTM award.  Some excellent saves and general goalkeeping excellence really kept the Towners in the game.  Shot after shot came flying in like rockets but Mikey was equal to most of them, beating them away or cathing to hold onto the ball.

Logey was proving quite the player.  Although his shooting opportunities weren't taken completely advantage of, his dribbling and passing was.  Ross even claimed an assist during his second game for the Towners when he set up Rickee Murrell who took the chance to move the ball in place for the right peg and let rip with a low boomer that hit target in the bottom corner of the net.
John McGhee was doing well though, his running and passing play was in top form as well as tackling away like a beast.  Proving that of course, John McGhee is a legend.

John McGhee enjoys a well-deserved beer

Finally, Hammond blew the whistle for the end of the game and the Towners left the pitch victorious.  The 6-4 win was in the bag and the Towners moved two places up to 4th position in Division 3.
Player Ratings
Mikey Fermin - Fermin played his heart out for his return to Romford Town and had an excellent game.  He really won the game for us with the amount of excellent saves that he made.  Well done fella.
Ross Logey - Rossy boy had a good little game considering he was a last minute pick for the Towners.  Set me up for the goal of course and dribbled and passed well throughout the game.
Chris Jones - Did well on the night with some excellent goals and dribbling.  Showed alot of heart and wanted the win for the Towners in tyhe search for more silverware.
Roger Westwood - Rog had a very good game.  Unlucky with the chance during the game that hit the post.  Some excellent tackling as always with that uncanny nack of nicking the ball and passing it to friendly feet.
DMK - Had a bit of a quiet game but the injury shone though a little.  Still played a small part when passing and running and didn't make any mistakes.
John McGhee -  An excellent game for McNeeeee, getting very experienced within the game with inspiring running and passing as well as regular and consistent scoring.
Rickee Murrell - Two goals and a huge penis.  Oh ref!  Squad.