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Romford Town announces fold

With dwindling players, spirit and wins, the legend that was Romford Town has disipitated into nothingness.  With players unable to make matches on a regular basis and an obvious lack of determination and enthusiasm for the club, it was thought best that the Towners call it a day rather than drag out any more campaigns. 
With two games to go of the final season, manager Rickee Murrell had these parting words, "Romford Town has always been special.  It brought a group of friends together that would otherwise have found it difficult to find a reason to meet up every week.  The Towners have been running for nearly two years now and occasionally it has been nice to have one or two people go missing so that we can bring in superstar ringers like Lenny, Jimmy and the like but recently things have been different.  Over the last few seasons we have struggled to get enough players every other week and it just can't continue."
The Towners have a colourful and entertaining history, including the football fancywork in the good old days when Benny Brace, Stu Whitaker and Mangan were on board for the Town.  Even Stevey Childs played games for the Towners as well as Rob Tynan and Mike Reade.  Of course Stuart Leonard and Jimmy White were on board plenty of times to help out as well as Steve Barker and Rogers mates.  Even Peter Clayton and Paul Reade played one for the Towners just showing that there was a time when the Towners would never have been without players. 
The Towners have had their fair few oppenents as well.  The wanker with the trampy purple joggers that McGhee like rumbling with as well as the old faithful grandad Charlie.  Even the lanky geezer from High Sue was a cock. 
Plenty of moments to remember too.  Those amazing runs that Benny used to go on before scoring in fits of amazing footballing play in the first season.  When Roger scored his first goal.  When Jones had his first set to.  Plenty of memories.


Of course, the site will continue to run and will stay here as long as it's free.  It's been cool looking back at some of the old match reports, especially from the first season when Benny set the pitch on fire every week!
Talk of the end of the Towners has resulted in speculation about a possible return in a few seasons time.  Although the Towners may return at some point in the future all players and fans can rest assured, Rickee Murrell will not be at the helm.  Early reports have shown that John McGhee will probably be the manager if the Towners start up again. 
The last game of the season against Travellers Utd is said to be one of the must see games of the Towners history.  A hard-hitting battle that should end with a few scraps and a tasty scoreline will surely be a game to remember for the Towners.  Also, it has been said, that a Towners celebration drink will ensue and either the Friday or Saturday is planned for drinks down the Archers or something, the weekend after the last game as well as an extended drinks preiod after the last game itself on the 1st March. 
Any comments or suggestions that the Towners may like to make can be made in the Towners forum which can be accessed from the link below.
"The Towners have been an inspiration and an enjoyable period in my life.  The red of the Town will always be with me and, I'm sure, the other players that bore the kit.  What will I miss the most? The whole Towners Experience."
Rickee Murrell Feb 2006