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Week 14 - RTFC Vs Travellers Utd - Final Game

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RTFC - 3 Vs Travellers Utd - 19

Every now and again something happens in someones life which changes things.  Not only was Romford Town a fairly successful team of players and ringers that got together every Wednesday and did a job.  It was also an 'experience'.  An undeniable pleasure, a (mostly) good time for all involved and a time in the players lives it touched that will never be forgotten.
For the final game of Romford Town it was about the fun, the enjoyment and almost the honour of playing for the Romford based club.
As it went it was also about the end.  A 19-3 defeat signifies the last result for Romford Town under the guiding tactics of Rickee Murrell.  The Towners, as a team that played, probably didn't deserve to lose so badly but the name of the Town and what it represents probably fits the score as Wednesday 1st March 2006 became the end of an era.
Rickee Murrell, Mike Cassinos, Roger Westwood, Lenny Jenkins and Chris Wade made the final trip to Goals, Dagenham to play out the final run of the boys in red. 
The game started where last week left off.  Two goals within the first couple of minutes for the Travellers set the trend of the game.  Without the consistent running of Wayne Morris the Towners looked to Cassinos to speed round the pitch like a crazed woodman looking for some bastard trees to chop.  And speed round the pitch he did! 
Lenny Jenkins was looking to captilise on last weeks success up and down the sides and showed a renewed vigor to score and make chances on his second week for the Towners. 
Chris Wade was on board in defence where size was no object when it came to blatently running straight into opposition players and slam a foot into the ball to send it away.
Roger Dogs stepped up to fill the gap in between the sticks for the final game and dorned big gloves to assist with the job.

All the dogs but none of the Roger

At one point Murrell moved forward in a central position and began to move left as he was squeezed out by a defender, the shot still came in though and the rebound left a fantastic opportunity for Jenkins to shoot with space.  The keeper was extremely quick to react and pounced to close down space as soon as possible to meet the ball and shut out the shot.

An old knee injury came back to haunt the progress of Chris Wade.  Hard challenges were the order of the day and the Travellers were unforgiving when it came to the tackles.  Chris took one bump too many and the old knee injury sent him to the sidelines for a few minutes.  With only four men, continuation of the game would have been just silly, so the ref offered the services of his friend, Darren I think his name was, he was crap so it didn't help.
Lenny was impressive though, hard working throughout the game, always willing to take players on and chase the ball whenever the opportunity felt right.  In the second at one point Lenny threaded the ball to Murrell, which then saw the ball laid off to Cassinos, Cassinos darted left and then out right to send a low drive goalwards.  The shot zipped past the keeper and put the Towners on the goalsheet. 
Only seconds later, Cassinos and Lenny were involved again only for Murrell to end up in a scoring position and send a high ball booming into the back of the net.  A little turnaround looked evident but it was a little too much to ask.
Chris Wade came back on and tried to continue but another knock with 7 minutes to go which meant the rest of the game was sat out and that plank Darren came back on to ruin what would have been a comfortable win for the Towners.
Roger worked hard to keep as many goals out as possible but with the opposition players looking for five-a-piece and with all the running and fitness in the world under their belts they were gonna grab a few. 
Finally, as the game drew to a close it was Cassinos that scored again taking the final total for the Towners on their last game to 3.
I will reiterate, the only reason for the loss was that the ref was shit and extremely biased and the other geezer that replaced Chris was just a cock.
Player Ratings
Mike Cassinos - Kept up the running throughout the game and took the most goals for the Towners on their exit game.  Some nice passing and tackling was also on display as well, well done Mikey and thatnks for helping out.
Lenny Jenkins - Played an impressive game this week and had a good few shots but the keeper was equal to some fine efforts.  Was extremely unlucky not to take a goal from the game but I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll play football together.
Chris Wade - Was unlucky to get injured but when you run as fast as you can into huge football players, injuries are expected!  Some evident dedication from Chris to get in there and make the tackle, then pass off to teammates.
Roger Dogs - Brilliant between the sticks tonight, I don't remember any nutmegs but some of the rolling out and communication was excellent.
Rickee Murrell - One goal and even fatter than last week.
Murrells Final Thought
I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the players that showed up to help out tonight, it really is appreciated and I'm sorry the result wasn't better.  Romford Town has played it's final game and tonights end was a fitting tribute to something so close to my heart.  Why?  Simply because I enjoyed it.  Thanks again.
Rickee Murrell