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Paul 'The Cat' Crane
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Paul 'The Cat' Crane was there from the beginning for the Unix and flourished with a series of unbelievably super-saves.  Known for screaming the word, 'motion', Crane was always reverred as a match-saver when playing.  Picking up the 'player of the season' award at the club was a fine moment for Crane and a fine moment for English football.
     The Crane was impressive from the start but injury has clouded the potential of the man for Romford Town FC.  Currently awaiting the first game with a garanteed place between the sticks, the Crane has left club officials in hope for a safe outcome after the first game.  With more on the subject, Murrell had this to say, "Me and Jones pegged Crane from the start but injuries left the team cacking their whack if he doesn't pass the medical after this first game.  Fair enough we don't have our first game arranged and we're hoping that Crane is using the time to prepare his suspected injures for the game insight."
     Not much is known about the injuries but we have exclusively heard that it is Cranes knees that are causing the problem.  Jones has told us that he has trouble with the offending 'knees' for around two years. 
     Finally, Murrell added this "At the end of the day, if I have cut the cunts legs off so there's no pain in his knee's, then that's what I'll do.  I want dedication, not some pussy complaining about his knee's."
     Check back at the website to see how Crane gets on with his knee's after the first match.
Going 'OOOoooohhh!!!" = 20
Nipple twisting = 19
Chaz and Dave = 20
Caining Clayton = 16
Fishing = 11

The Crane givin' it