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Mike ' The Real Cat' Firmin

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Firmin or Gypsey!!!!!

Ahh Mr Firmin.


Was quite reluctant to come out the closet with his goal keeping skills for quite some time when the Towners began but by god we are glad that he did.

Firmin began his goalkeeping antics as a junior with 'Barns Sports' when he won player of the season for a couple of years. But he had to cut short his Football Career when he basically broke his knee just when scouts from a number of Pro clubs were looking.                                       

Mike went to America to have open knee surgery and he was told he could not play football again, he decided to take up a role in Tennis.                                                                                           Mike went against Doctors advice when the chance for playing for Romford Town arose. Paul Crane decided he had other commitments like the gay sport of Rugby so he had to drop out so Mike came in and proved to be a hit with the fans straight away.

Firmin is now in his 2nd full season as the number 1 for Town and we hope he has many more years with us.


Firmin after only conceeding 10 goals.......not bad!!!!