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Ben 'The Rock' Brace
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Brace yourself for Benny!!!

Flowers.  For women yeah?  I thought so too.  That is until the first time I see Benny with a sheet of wrapping paper and a bunch of flowers.  The skill, the magic, the majestics of this wizard are all evident when he's running around a small, fake field with undersized goals at each end. 
     But under this soft, silky exterior hides the real reason that Benny is the man selected to hold the line at the back every week. 
     Benny is a complete and utter rock.  He doesn't have much skill, he doesn't visualise the runs of other players and he definatly can't shoot for shit!  In two different areas Ben has some distinguishable tackle.  The first one is only evident to the lucky ladies, (of which Benny seems to be rolling in at the moment, lol), but the other is something that the club would have difficulty doing without.  Opposition players running towards the RTFC goal are intercepted time and time again.  Even on the wings, Benny comes out of position to stick a foot in and stop the other team in their attack. 
     Really, he's best known for his rugby, but Benny has seen the light and dropped by to endure the light side of football once a week so he can make an effort and really be part of the RTFC collective. 
     At the club Benny is our main man at the back and hopefully he will be for a long time to come.
Flower presentation - 20
Rocking (not back and fourth) - 16
Passing - 4
Going to premieres - 19
Singing - 17

The photographers finger came out of nowhere!


Players player of the season 1