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Week 8 - RTFC Vs Real Not Madrid
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RTFC - 1 Vs Real Not Madrid - 4

On a night where the football was fast and furious, the crowd were well in song and expectations were high, Romford Town produced a tight, compelling game that should have granted them the 3 points.
But as ever, lady luck wasn't on the side of the Towners on Wednesday as every shot that left a Romford Town boot in the first 10 minutes was saved by an in form goalie on the night.
However, no goalie in the goals complex could've been more in form than Towners favourite Paul Crane.  Cranes antics found him spreading himself at every possible opportunity to keep that ball from hitting the back of the Romford Town net too many times.  Unbelievable saves were on the end of almost every Madrid shot.  The determination was steadfast throughout the whole game as Crane took one to the face, and in a seperate attempt to save, took the brunt of a Real shot right between the legs. 

The Crane failed to notice the vermin munching on his right arm

Team captain 'The Honz' also shined on a big night for the Towners.  Shot after shot left his foot in the first five as his trademark relentless determination helped him create mazy runs into attacking positions where he could have a dig.  The keeper did well to keep out the Jones attempts but on another day Jones would have left the pitch with two hat-tricks.
After a valiant first half the Towners were 2-nil down with it all to do.  In the second half though, fitness became an important factor as the club were playing a team that seemed to never stop moving.  The towners tried hard and did well, John McGhee stepping up on multiple occasions to stick a long range boomer in when the chance came.  A couple went slightly wide but two powerful, cleanly hit shots really tested the keeper on the other team. 
Even, Rog-dogs went close on a few occasions, always out on the left side and moving in to despatch the shot or release the pass. wasn't to be and a well-disciplined game ended 4-1 to a deserving Real. 
Special mention must go out the the Romford Town fans that were in attendance on Wednesday night.  From the off the Romford Town faithful were continuously egging on the cause and no doubt spurred certain players onto feats of extraordinary performance.

Fans, fans, fans. From left to right Stevie Hammond, Stuart Leonard, John McGhee and a bit of Mike

Thanks for looking lads

Player Ratings
Paul Crane - Couldn't ask for more from Crane on Wednesday, he improved his own game and went the extra mile to make save after save of acrobatic variety.  And of course a welcome return of the 'MOTION' call.  Man of The Match this week, well done Paul.
Chris Jones - Really lit the field up in the first half and set the standard.  Tireless running, tackling, shooting, yes a good all rounder from an in form Jones.  Big up yourself.
Roger Westwood - We wasn't to win this one so Rog didn't want to waste his first goal in a lost match and so he only came close for us a few times in this one.  Some good running and passing out there on the left this week.
John McGhee - Seemed eager to follow up his first goal for the club as he kept booming them in from range, even the 2nd half kick off set-up and shot was on target.  Some especially excellent closing down from McGhee this week.
Benny Brace - Bit of a quieter one this week but not without his charm, still done a couple of players though and those heavy footed tackles will always be invaluable to the Towners.  Solid enough this week.
Dan Monteith-Knight - Some good footwork and skills out there.  Had a couple of nice shots aswell.  Early in the first half Dan came flying across the goal to stick the foot in on a rebound but it sadly went just wide. 
Rickee Murrell - More shots from wonderman and general shy bloke Murrell.  Had a steady game with some good work on the ball.  Has a big cock.

Murrells starfish impression was shit.

The Fans - Stevie Hammond, Mike Reade, Stuart Leonard, Peter Clayton, Stu Whittaker and Barry Evans. - Thanks for coming over, the club would like to welcome you back at every opporunity for more offensive shouting and encouragement, cheers lads!

By the way, moments after the picture to the left was taken, Giants manager Stuart Leonard officially invited Romford Town and it's players to join the Giants on a tour to what is likely to be up near Readey's uni.  No dates or definates have been set but you'll all be informed via the site as soon as I know.