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Promotion Week 14 - RTFC Vs One Day We Will Win
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RTFC - 11 Vs One Day We Will Win - 3

The 'experience' once again lived upto expectations with a win that shot Romford Town into the 4th division, winning promotion in their first season by finishing second place in the division.
On a night when legends were made, none were more legendary than superstar Readosnosvos.  Before the game, Murrell was reported to be worried at the fact that influential captain and lover 'The Honz' had to miss the game due to a trip to a large apple of some kind.  Readey stepped up to take the role with continuous Romford Town instruction and encouragment. 

The legend that is Readosnosvoscosboschosmoslosdos.

Readey wasn't the only one that can be proud of their performance as every player did their bit to rise to such a huge occasion and dish out the punishment that One Day We Will Win derserved.  A superman performance from Ben Brace had been well overdue as Benny played throughout the game with pure class.  Not only was Benny's superb tackling abilities up to scratch as always but his passing and running was good but the shooting was well up there.  Early in the first half Benny came forward to find himself through on goal from a lovely Romford Town pass.  In the one on one with the keeper Benny boomed a cleanly hit shot that was unfortunate to be saved, only to bounce back out to an on-form Brace who struck another cleanly hit shot goalward, only for the keeper to save again!  Another rebound bounced out but, tired of shooting in the goal, Benny went back to what he knows best by scoring an excellent conversion which went flying over the goal to hit the back netting.
Roger Dogs wasn't gonna let Benny take the night as Rog's shooting was on the mark once again.  His best chance, although squandered, was a minor error as the rest of his game contributed to a fine all-round preformance.  Rogers passing and getting back especially coming up trumps for the Towners.
The first half was tight as no goals came for several long minutes but the Towners took an early lead after several attacks in the form of a Towners counter with some excellent passing by the team.  One Day We Will Win usually had a reply though as they tried to cause an upset to Romford Towns plans for promotion. 
Half-time came quick enough with the scoring close at 3-2 to the Towners.  Little did they know that humilation and pure punishment which was soon to be dished out in the second were on the way.

Brings a tear to the eye...

Things started well in the second half as the own half boomers that certain players on the towners staff have been trying to whip in from kick off came off when Stevie Hammond slipped the ball back for a powerful John McGhee right-footed rocket to hit the back of the oppostition net after taking a deflection.  A superb second half ensued as Readey continued to communicate and organise the Towners with every player having their moment. 

Stevie Hammond turned on the style as he went hunting for the goals that were to leave him with the top goalscorer award at the end of the season, by powering in one of the best goals Romford Town have seeen this season.  As the ball travelled to Hammonds feet a superb bit of control stopped two opposition players coming in for the tackle as Hammond had tee'ed himself up for an amazing shot, struck with the outside out the right boot from the left side of the pitch.  The ball left ground and foot to swerve powerfully into the top, right-hand corner of the ODWWW net past a dramatically flailing keeper.  What a goal!
After McGhees first, 'The Bullet' went hunting for more and found himself faced with a great opportunity in the form of a penalty.  McGhee stepped up to slip the goal past a dazzled keeper as it nestled sweetly into the bottom right hand corner of the net. 
After an own goal, a Reade goal, and a Murrell hatrick, the loud toot of the refs whistle (the ref had a good game aswell by the way) signalled the end of the game and the season as Romford Town shaked the hands of their defeated rivals and celebrated what was to be in next seasons drama, emotion and of course,  'THE ROMFORD TOWN EXPERIENCE'.

The Crane gives us all a little clue as to the direction of Romford Town

Player Ratings
Mike Reade - What a player and what a game he had.  A superb game that had everything any player could want to be blessed with.  Excellent skill, intelligent passing, a nice goal and the continuing encouragment that steered the towners to a well deserved victory!  Well done mate
Paul Crane - Had a text-book game as he kept the scoring low with those super-saves that we've all come to expect from the Crane.  Some nice roll-outs but his shot-stopping was on top.  Justifiably the player with the most man of the matches this season.
Steve Hammond - When you want a ringer, Stevie Hammond is your man.  Played out of his skin, scored 3 lovely goals and one brilliant one, all the while, getting back, passing well and taking players left, right and center.  A wicked game that saw Hammond finish the season with the honour of being Top Goalscorer.
John McGhee - Had some wicked chances that could've extended his goal count with the Towners but nicely finished with two to his name at the final whistle.  Played an inspired team game with some excellent passing and tackling.
Ben Brace - An excellent display of strength and power when tackling but showed us how far he's come this season, holding down a regular place in the team with reason.  Some lovely shooting as well on the night with some nice runs and positioning.
Roger Dogs - Another man who's improvement shows no boundaries as he performed well with excellent shooting, passing and tackling.  The three main ingredients of a fine Roger dogs delivery.
Rickee Murrell - Did well to score the hatrick but should have done the site a little bit quicker. ;)

Cigar - 5. Beer bought from bar - 2.70. Getting promoted in your first season - PRICELESS