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Benny - Players player of the season
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The highest honour the club can give, and Benny Brace was a deserving recipient...

It has always been a very special acolade in most team sports, but is rarely presented on a professional level.  To receive an award which has been such a desired trophy, we know only too well that it is decided by the players themselves.  To have your fellow players decide that you have been the most outstanding, entertaining and improved player of the year, must leave you with a feeling of great satisfaction.
So why was Benny bestowed with the honour on this occasion more than any other?  Perhaps a bribe?  Perhaps a fix?  But most probably just for being the sensation that is Benny Brace. 
His games at the beginning of the season were slightly edgy as he had trouble trying to kick the ball, always a stumbling block in football, but from the off his tackling and closing down was better than anyone elses on the team.  As the season wore on Benny improved a ten-fold and started moving his game into other area's.  Firstly, in week 3 we were witness to some bursting runs down the wings.  These super-runs usually came after tackling a player so you can imagine the transformation of seemingly being unable to strike the ball in the grading game and just four weeks later being able to tackle a player, then run down the wing with ball, taking people on.
Just 2 weeks after these runs we saw Benny net not only his first goal for the club but also his second for the club in a single game.  Week 5's game against Bradwell Utd was a bloody close game which we just scraped a win of 5-4 with.  Without Ben's goals we would of lost.
So, there we have it.  Ben's improvement has been superb as he continues to improve and play well into the 2nd season.  Also, out of his 12 appearances last season he swiped the MOTM award twice, and finished the season with 3 fantastic goals.

Finishing up against Eastside

Ben with the voters!

The secret to Benny's player of the season success?