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Week 2 - RTFC Vs Inter Me Bed
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RTFC - 13 Vs Inter Me Bed - 9

With Romford Town bearing a grudge they went into this match fully prepared to come away victorious.  Knowing that to get the result it would mean grim determination, Honz stylee, from every player as well as the skill, class and pure excellence which makes up the Romford Town team.  Another Romford Town landmark introduced Mike into the fray as he took up the hallowed gloves and kept the Towners net guarded like a starved rotweiler.
The Towners began true to form and had a magic start to the game, Chris Jones at the centre of all three of the first Towner goals as Romford Town attacked and passed with finesse, Jones applying the calculated finish to the Romford Town moves.  The Honz hatrick seemed to resort Romford to shock tactics, Inter Me Bed unable to comprehend the immediate pounce of the goals.  It didn't stop there though as the Towners continued the attack, knocking up a further two goals before Inter Me Bed got the chance to have a decent attack themselves.

Another Towner goal placed at speed beyond the diving keeper.

As the game continued Towner attacks became less and less successful as Inter Me Bed intercepted at key points and started to mount a come-back.  It was Roger Dogs though who started to get involved and help break down Inter Me Bed with tackles in the middle of the park.  Roger showed his worth after a series of tackles that regained posession for the Towners that allowed them to play on the break.
It wasn't long before John McGhee got involved in a tustle as he went in on an Inter Me Bed player a little late.  The game continued but the faggot started moaning about it until McGhee went in for another tackle which provoked the player to run after McGhee as he persued the ball and kick him in the back of the legs.  Our man span round and shoved the geezer, nearly sending him flying but he managed to stay on his feet and try and come back for more but at this point was held back by Murrell as several of his team-mates came in and took over. 
McGhee was similarly held back by fellow Towners as the ref made his presence felt and sin-binned the purple-jogging-bottoms wearing individual with a yellow card much to his annoyance.  Two minutes later he re-entered the pitch but the ref wasn't happy with him rejoining the game at this time and told the geezer to get back off again until he was told to come back on.  Another five minutes later the ref blew for half time and the player returned to the pitch in the second half. 

Where it all began as McGhee goes to tackle his now arch-enemy

The Towners rejoined the game in the second half almost as dominantly as they began the first but fitness was lacking and more goals were proving harder to come by.  A valiant second half display retained a lead all the way through and held Inter Me Bed at bay.  Defence was the main part of the game in the second as Mike was tested more and more.  Saving with both hands and feet his goalkeeping prowess was provinf to be invaluable for the Towners. 
The tackling presence of Jones, McGhee and Hammond made a dominent entrance into the games aswell, even Murrell tracking back to disposess at times.  DMK's crunching abilities came good aswell as every Towner completed a superb defensive duty as the second half continued. 

Still, more goals for the Towners came, DMK scoring a lone goal from another quality Towner set up.  The finish applied a steaming rocket into the top left hand corner which rumbled the back of the net but fell back out of the goal again, but thankfully the ref counted it in the final tally. 
Jones was on form again to take another two in the second half, the trademark quality finish coming from the Honz boot.  Hammond was on form again, twisting and turning through the Inter Me Bed defence like no-bodies business.  Releasing the ball at times to the wingers enabling the Towners to launch for difficult-to-deal with attacks.

DMK initiates more sublime play from midfield

The Towners steadfast dedication to making sure that this team were beaten was in place and wasn't gonna be swayed.  Everything was in place to see the game through and take the win, the initial Jones attack setting the trend for the rest of the game. 

Hammond unleashes another supershot resulting in yet another Stevie Hammond goal.

Finally, the refs whistle came and with it, the end of another game and another Towners victory.  The second victory in a row leaves the Towners 2nd in the league and with it all to play for.
Player Ratings
Stevie Hammond - Here he finds himself once again after a fine performance from all players, it was Hammond that was voted the best of a good bunch.  Some superb play on and off the ball left the voters with little choice than to give him 3 of the 7 votes on the night.  Well done Monsier Hammondos.
Chris Jones - Took the initial goals away with him and finished up on a fine five goals at the end of the night.  The Jones determination as evident as ever, even his eyes glowing a devils red at times and carrying a pitchfork round for most of the game but it drove him to a great performance for the Towners in classic Honz style.
John McGhee - Violence is the name of the game for John McGhee, especially when some pikey wearing ripped, purple jogging bottoms starts giving it.  But who can forget the two goals and excellent defensive display from McGhee during the game, a good night for McGhee.
Roger Westwood - He doesn't score all the goals and he doesn't do all the tricks but Rogers instinctive footballing ability can never be over-looked everytime he plays.  Probably broke down dozens of potential goals with his crunch work and the occasional through ball that sets up the goals, Roger never fails to play an important role.  Good night for Rog.
Mike - An excellent display in goal for the Towners and a welcome addition to the squad.  All of the team were in agreement that the man was in top form and only let in the very best of Inter Me Bed shots.  Now holds the record for least amount of goals kept out against that team.  Would be welcome back anytime.  Well done fella.
DMK - Another fine performance with the footwork stylings of that man Monteith on top form, taking away a nice goal from the game as well. 
Murrell - No comment.