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Week 4 - RTFC Vs Mouldy Old Cunts
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RTFC - 6 Vs Mouldy Old Dough - About 17

Romford Town.  A team known for their excellence on the field of play, a team known for their improvement, season after season, but mainly known as being a relaxed team that play to have fun rather than to win.  Tonight, the pain of the first loss of the season was evident with every Towner as they bowed out of the game in the second half to concede victory to Mouldy Old Dough. 
Positioning, runs, communication, shooting, passing and tackling all played a factor in the game that was not to be.  At times, they were excellent.  At times, not so good, but as a devotee of Romford Town and the values the club hold I would prefer to believe that the better team on the night won the game.  Intitial shooting chances in the first 5 minutes for the Towners were unlucky not to hit the back of the net after the ball slammed against the posts and bar multiple times.  A Stevie Hammond penalty had set things right intitially and put Romford Town in the lead.  The continued pressure had not rewarded the Towners for their hard work and they began to concede. 
The deficit never left Romford Town too far behind as the Towners kept the pressure on enough for Chris Jones to win a shocking penalty and convert  from the spot.  This lit several fireworks within the Mould Old camp and things got violent from there. 

The most violent Towners fan in their history was always causing trouble at the games.

Not too long after, the end of the first half was upon the Towners and they regrouped with a quick discussion on what to do in the 2nd half.  5-2 down, the Towners came out and started promisingly as they brought the game back to 5 all with another penalty and some open play goals, one particularly fine goal created by Rickee Murrell.  Out on the right side and bearing down on the keeper the angle seemed too tight for the in-form keeper not to be able to cover it with ease.  Murrells sight allowed him to see a well-positioned Hammond out on the left as a pass across the length of the area found Hammond apply the cool, calm finish into the far corner.
Tackle after dirty tackle then insued as the play continued a rather violent tussle just outside the Towner area involved Stu and some skinny arse-licker as the Mouldy player began to get frisky with raised hands against the legendary Pac.  Pac wasn't having it though as he raised hands (still off the ball) and chucked the geezer on the floor.  The ref didn't see a thing but the noisy bitch behind the goal let her lungs fly as she began to mouth off at the ref.

The game went on and the next incident of note came with grandad charlie for the Moldy Old Dough's started thinking he'd been made younger by 80-odd years to try and start the ruckus with a bunch of fellas in their 20's.  DMk found himself in the corner, and grandad charlie came in to make the tackle.  Arms out to protect the ball (doing the same as every other player on the Goals books) DMK tried to shield the ball.  Charlie didn't like it though so he gave Dan a push at which point DMK pushed him back.  As Monts wound up for the grandad flattener, Murrell comes flying in from nowhere and sticks it to grandard by pushing him away.  Immediatly, three Mouldy players were pushing Murrell but grandard charlie had to get in there again didn't he?  He flailed out at Murrell and in the process, scratched his handsome face with long, yellow nails.  Probably used to pick bogey's for most of the day and stick up his arse so he can pick and mix and collective stew of bodily discharge.  It was also obvious to most Towners that grandad charlie liked people (mainly tramps) to defecate in his mouth.
After the dust had settled, a bit, DMK was shown the yellow card for the first time in his Towners career as was grandard charlie as he walked off like an old cunt. 

Grandad charlie was always falling asleep before his meals

The rest is history basically, they scored more goals and the ever-violent McNeeee got jealous of Dan and his yellow card as he got himself booked aswell.  McNee was still off when the final whistle went and the Towners felt the brunt of their result as spirits lowered.
This week, I ain't gonna do any individual reports.  I will say that Mike Firmin made some excellent saves tonight and showed some excellent potential for the Towners once again.  Thanks for coming over again fella.
I would just like to say that for about 60% of that game we played well enough and it was just the end that let us down.  To be fair though, there's not alot that can be done about having three Towners against four opposition, nor can you dismiss the curse of the end of the game that the Towners have experienced previously when the end of the game completely goes to shit. 
And finally, possibly the worst thing the Towners have to face..
...I play for 'em! Oh ref!
Heads up for next week lads please and we'll get back on the winning track, in style, against The O.A.P.'s