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Week 6 - RTFC Vs Eastside F.C.
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RTFC - 8 Vs Eastside FC - 4

Week 6 of the Romford Town campaign started with a bang as the Towner players were eager to get back to winning after losing their last two encounters against Mould Old Dough and The OAPs.  Mikey boy back in goal and the outfield players roaring to go made for quite the attitude to take to the field.
Some fast play against a tighter than expected Eastside proved little defence against an in-form and goal-hungry Honz as within the first few minutes he found himself with space on the outside right position.  Murrell with making tracks in-field but only to take a player out of the game so Jones took it on himself to take the shot and when he saw a little space through the defence he let rip and opened the scoring with a fine boomer that eventually settled into the far corner of the Eastside goal. 
With the lead, the last couple of weeks had proved difficult for the Town to hold any lead but this week an organised defence came naturally and any attempt to breach the Towners backline was quickly charged down, the likes of Stu and Hammond not taking kindly to any attackers coming their way.  It didn't take too much more time for the Towners to extend their lead.  The half continued and the dogs had made his eagerly awaited return to the Towners and it didn't take long for him to start making his mark on the game.  The crunch man worked eagerly up and down the right and looked to reaffirming a fine partnership with Hammond as they went on the attck together on more than one occasion.  Rog playing some fine balls to feet and getting back ready for any crunching required.
It was to Mike in goal that the Towners looked to when all other defenses failed and he didn't let us down.  Some fine saves were made with both feet and hands when they counted and it didn't help the Eastside mood as their heads eventually dropped and they were on the ropes.  Romford Town went forward again and added to their scoreline, this time Hammond making his mark on the game.

Mike loved laughing at the cameramen.

DMK was playing well and managed to add his name to the bolstering scoreline aswell, the Romford Town play looked highly sexual, one touch passes, excellent 50/50 interceptions and Roger Dogs back in the game!  Eastide FC had their moments too as they began to find ways through the Towner defence.  Some quick play and accurate shots resulted in them trying to edge their way back into the game with a few goals.  But Romford Town were too strong and were still battling hard when the sound of the half time whistle went.

The second half started a little bit pear-shaped, the Towners unable to play as well as in the first half.  The Eastside attacks were mounting up but the Towners had enough stregnth to turn the tide once again.  Murrell was playing like a demon and clearing up up front with neat passes laid into the likes of DMK, Hammond and Jones. 
It was a goal from DMK in the second half that took the best goal of the season award away from the previous owner, whoever it was, and left the Eastside players bemused and irritable.

Murrell, what a non-goal-scoring legend!

Some fine movement and general Romford Town play eventually found Hammond with the ball, coming across goal.  After taking a couple of players the space opened up just as DMK made a fine run goalward.  The ball flicked through and Dan found himself bearing down on the keeper with just the finish to apply and did he apply it!  A flick of the foot as the keeper went down for the save saw the ball jump over the keeper and bounce into the back of the net, a superb goal to add to the tally.
This turned the tide for the Towners and although the Eastsiders spurred themselves to more feats of defensive work they managed to stop only a few of the final attacks that came their way and the Towners walked away with a well-deserved victory.
Player Ratings
Mike Fermin - Played a super game for the Towners and deservedly picked up the man of the match award.  Next week he begins a well-welcomed permanancy to the club in which we expect to see Mike develop like an equisite flower.
Chris Jones - Had a fine, battling game and finished it all off with a superb goal.  Long range boomers into far corners are in short supply at the Towners and his shot rattled the net like a rocket.  A super night for Chris though, all round skill, passsing and crunching looked impressive during the match.
Roger Westwood - A welcome return to the Towners to get well involved in the on-pitch battles that took place.  Passing was in fine form and sent players through on a couple of occasions.  A fine night for Rog.
Stu Pac - I fine defensive display from the man with the master plan.  Kept things tight at the back and passed well from defensive positions.  A good for him too.
Stevie Hammond - 5 goals and an excellent touch, but enough about Hammonds sex life, an excellent game tonight and plenty of footballing contribution made to help the Towners get back to winning again.
DMK - Had a fine game with some excellent touches in the middle of the park, taking players and making them look like cunts never fails.  2 Fine goals tonight and a passing display that made Beckham looked like he eats his own shit.
Murrell - A satisfactory performance with the amounts of assists that he got but still needs to get on the scoresheet in future weeks.