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Week 1 - RTFC Vs Jeff FC
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Romford Town - 3 Vs Jeff FC - 8

Five of Romford Towns well-endowed soldiers braved a tough nights football to come away with a small but encouraging loss.  The knackering night saw the Towners kick off the new season with a defeat but the opportunity to survey new league opposition Jeff FC was all the more satisfying to know that whenplayed against with at least 6 players, they'll be crying into their stripy shirts.
Towners regular goalie Mikey Fermin began his season on fine form with a flurry of superb saves that kept the Romford Town deficit as low as it was.  Hardman, John McGhee was back in red after a two week spell away from the Towners camp on personal and business engagements, newboy Jimmy White was back for the third week running to edge his way closer to securing a more permanent place in the Towner team.  Completing the line up was single and disease-free midfielder, Roger Dogs and manager, Rickee Murrellio.

The goals relocation program went a little too far

The Towners game started by going a goal down early on when a Jeff FC breakaway stole the first goal.  The John McGhee kick off for the Towners didn't come to fruition when it was charged down by an eager Jeff FC front man.  It didn't take long for the Towners to let another slip by as some sturdy play and strong defence threatened to keep the opposition at bay before they slipped another pass through and finished with eaqual accuracy.  The Towners were down but weren't out as hope was sparked when Towner die-hard Rickee Murrell burst forward as a well-placed pass was slipped through, Murrell took the ball wide encountering two defenders as they looked to push him into the corner.  Murrell's never say die attitude and silky new boots attitude won over though as he found a gap and finished accurately with the left foot to slam one at the near post under the keeper. 
After a short stalemate, thanks mainly to the goalkeeping talents of Mike, Jeff FC extended their lead once more when they caught the Towners with some counter play, the Towners beginning to show their need for subs.  It wasn't without reply though as a almost cleanly-shaven Jimmy White found himself in slight space on the outside of the box and let rip with a steamer to drill low into the bottom left hand corner.   The Towners were starting to claw back with hope as the end of the first half neared.
In the second half it went wrong, Jeff FC slowly got further and further away from the Towners grip and some superb John McGhee skills and a quality finish was only consolation as the Towners went behind by more.

With Towners goalscoring finished for the night and Jeff FC confidence rising to take advantage of the 5 man Romford Town they went ahead by more and more.  Roger Dogs steaming shots were a little too high and far out for the Towners to threaten seriously again.  Posession was lost in the middle of the park a little more and Towards the end Mike Fermin really came into his own. 
An excellent keeping display kept Jeff FC from taking their tally into double figures. 
At the end the final score was 8-3 to Jeff FC and the sportmanship at the end rang true with a genuine shaking of hands for a team that were a pleasure to play against.
The ref did well too, and made hardly any mistakes throughout the night.

Player Ratings
Mike Fermin - An inspiring performance between the sticks as Mike fought to keep the Towners in the gamethroughout the whole game.  No more could have been asked from the boy on the night, leaving manager Murrell looking forward to a good few games with a keeper in top form.
Jimmy White - A good game for Jimmy, never stop battling and held things well at the back.  Steamed into some dangerous looking 50-50's with only what looked like the bug that is Towner pride. - 1 goal.
John McGhee - Johns backheel wasn't as effective as it could have been on a night when a nice goal was scored and John was all over the pitch it seemed.  Laying the ball off well in the middle of the park and getting stuck in, McNee made a difference in a tough battle. - 2 goals.
Roger Dogs - The Towner spirit was with dogs too as he went steaming in on a number of occasions, never giving up until he came away with the ball.  Unlucky with the shots tonight.
Rickee Murrell - Nabbed the early goal but it wasn't enough, tried hard and gave his best but really, should have stayed home.

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