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Stu's Email - 24/05/05
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Stu Pacs email below...

Recently, Romford Town manager Rickee Murrell received an email from the Romford Town legend that is Stu Pac.  It was so funny, it had to go on the site!  See below...

Hi Brethren,


Hows it going?  Been pimping lately? Ive been keeping my game tight and the beatches on the down lo!


A press statement released by Stuart ‘Big Time’ Whitaker read as follows:


“It’s a shame my cricket commitments and Freak Injury have prevented me from donning the Magenta Red of Romford Town over the past few months With my increasing unreliability to Romford Town it is with great regret that I believe my Roster Status should be updated to the Injured Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List.  I would like to thank Rickee Murell, who has been a mirror of illumination for my career and all those I have played alongside during my time at Romford Town.  Those who are struggling to contain themselves remember this is only a temporary measure and Stuart Whitaker will be back as soon as he can, Stuart Whitaker knows it is imperative he plays so that the douchebags from all the other teams can feel the wrath of a menace, Stuart Whitaker will return”


I can play next week so if necessary update my roster status for a week then if required I will be recognised next week!


Stuart Whitaker is still 6.1, 225 Pure Chocolate, a thug guaranteed to be a woman layer.

Stuart Whitaker is proudly represented by No.21 Sports Management

Stuart Whitaker is sponsored by Modells Sports Goods.  Remember “Gotta Go To Mo’s”

Stuart Whitaker is sponsored by and Endorses Valsport Soccer Boots and Equipment “Valsport Commendatori Italia”


Remember to check out “The Mac is Off Tha Hook” a forthcoming release from Makadoshis the Makadelic courtesy of Self Made Millionaire Records coming to a store near you this Fall.