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Latest Newsflash - 06/03/2017

Welcome to the official Romford Town F.C. website!!!  Thankfully, we find ourselves at one of those exceptional junctions in life where I am pleased to report that Romford Town breathes again!
Mr Jones has taken up the reigns once more and with the first game scheduled to kick off at 7:50pm on Monday 6th July 2009 things are ready and set for the starting pistol to sound.
As always, the old content is still in place and will be for as long as Lycos allow us to keep the site running for free.
Feel free to have a look around and take in the magical punditry and guidance provided by the Murrell.

For the time being any announcements or updates will currently appear here for the 2009 July Season start.  At the moment is down and the hosting company are looking into it.

Until then, feel free to bask in the warm fuzzy glow of the website where it all began and provided us with our trademark logo.

Rickee Murrell - ex-Player-Manager


Me with longtime fan, MC DT