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Favorite Players
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Here you can find detailed analysis of every player as and when they are added.

Welcome to the favourite players page.  To the right are some of your favourites (you wanna tape this kiddies!) all with their own crazy story on how they came to be for the Towners and what role they have for the team.  On selected players there are further pages to congratulate their winning of an award so look out for those links on the appropriate players pages.
Requests for any more of your favourite players to be updated onto this page can be acknowledged by sending an email to the Romford Town email address -


Rickee 'The Gaffer' Murrell

Chris 'The Honz' Jones

Paul 'The Cat' Crane

John 'Wigan' McGhee

Ben 'The Rock' Brace

Steve 'Spud' Hammond

Mike 'Number 1' Firmin