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Steve 'Spud' Hammond
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Steve Hammond, the man behind the face...

Ahh, old Hammond.  From Royal Libs humble beginnings, sport was the name of the game for Hammond.  Every sport he could stick a skillful hand in he would have some kind of effect on that sport for the school.  Getting into most school teams, Hammond had to pull the plug on 'Mr Quinlan's bumbandit races'.
After leaving school Hammond went to work for the Ministry of Sound where he DJ's every day.  When he ain't flipping decks he's flipping a football over the head of a stranded keeper or flipping the ball away with a skillful keepers hand as he doubles up in both departments for the Towners.
After sweeping last seasons Top-Goalscorer award with a superb 21 legendry goals, Hammond is bound by an absent Crane on every game so far this season to play as his replacement in goal.  With some magic in between the sticks, he seems more at home on the pitch, especially when he's scoring some lovely goals. 
Hammonds goals are like beautiful paintings.  Artistic, skillfully created and with a steady hand, Hammond will run around several players, go back towards the other end of the pitch, do it again and then pop one in the opposition net.  A truly magnificent player.
Hammonds role at the club is still on a part-time contract and just fills in when other players are not available, but of course he is glad to do so.  Anyone will stay in any position just to get that Romford Town Experience.  Perhaps later developments for the club will leave Hammond as a more permanent fixture.
Using gel (lots of it) - 20
Lush goals - 19
Will Young - 17
Passing - :) jk
Texting me about Dodgeball - 2

"Yes, thats TOP goalscorer"


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