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E-mails the club has received

Stu's email

After approaching them for sponsorship the good people at Red Bull have declined Romford Towns offer of sponsorship and it seems for good reason.  This e-mail was received today (09/06/04):
Dear Rickee,

Thank you for your recent e-mail and for your interest in Red Bull.

Red Bull is keen to support those activities that are particularly mentally and physically gruelling. Results of extensive research into the use of Red Bull has found that it is highly effective because it increases reaction time, concentration, it reduces the stress reaction in physical performance and thus enhances physical performance.

However, in terms of sponsorship, I'm afraid that Red Bull would not be able to support your 5 a-side football team.  Our sponsoring philosophy is to support a few outstanding individual athletes in selected sports and a small number of events in selected sports.  These are most usually non-team extreme sports such as surfing, skate, BMX and Mountain Biking.  At present we are still fully committed to our athletes and projects and we are sorry to decline your enquiry in this case.

Red Bull would like to wish you all the best for the future and your team lots of success, fun and energy!

Yours sincerely
Nichola Spencer
Red Bull Company Limited
A recent e-mail was received from playboy and getabout Tommy B's, known for his role at the Gidea Park Giants.
The gist of the e-mail said that he would be happy to be included in some sort of involvment at Romford Town FC, whether it be or a sexual nature on not.
The club appreciates your kind comments and willingness to be part of the club Tom and you will be contacted shortly to negotiate a contract of some kind (if I can get the dough off them fatcat board types!).
Young Paul Mangan was busy tip-tapping away recently when he sent an e-mail to the club regarding his availability.  Among several come-ons, Mangan declared availabilty of not just himself, but also the old Unix club kit.  Until the new kit is picked and bought, it may be a very good idea to use the old kit for the time being.  Cheers Mangan, you saucepot!