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John 'Wigan' McGhee

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Sprooknee, it's McNeeeee!!!

John McGhee has always been a man of many words but legend has always been one of them.  Shouts of, "McANEEEEE", could be heard on any day at The Royal Liberty School in the old days.  Only when that heroic cry was heard on the terraces did the football world sit up and take note of the legend that is John McGhee.
     After several failed albums with pop group 'John and the mechanics' John replaced his mic with a football and started kicking it one day when he got sick of singing into it.  Days on end John would spend kicking that damn ball up against the side of some old ladies house until he was headhunted by scouts and accepted a trial contract with 3rd division Leyton Orient. 
     Times at the O's were good, playing alongside fans-favourite Scotty McGleish and one of the best left-backs in football today Matty Lockwood.  McGhee learned alot but strangley changed his first name to David while playing for the O's probably because of his contraversal style of play, where he turned into a large bullet (transformer style) and tackled players by shooting himself into their leg.
     With Romford Town FC, John declared an interest while Chris Jones began drafting a second wave of players into the club.  McGhees eager entry into the club finds him as an outfield player unavailable every third week.  Although difficult to find someone to replace McGhee the club has drawn plans to stick Clayton on and pass it to him all the time, all the while just watching him learn how to kick a ball. 
     We look forward to many a prosperous season with McGhee at the club.
Bullet headedness = 20
Wiggamisms = 19
Winning thinlip competitions = 18
Leyton Orient = 17
Being a Mcanee sprookneee = 20
Being rock hard = 19

The competition to have the thinest lips in the world kicked off with a dazzling display by McGhee