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Week 2 - RTFC Vs Rejects
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RTFC - 7 Vs Rejects - 5

Romford Town kicked off a delayed start to their winning season as they romped home to a 7-5 victory from the clutches of a sorry defeat after being down at half-time. 
The Towner experience went a long way to perform tonight as their game started with opposition posession churned quickly into the first goal of the game as the Rejects took the lead.  It didn't take long for the Towners to be opened up again when they conceeded another to what was obviously and under-par team doing better than they should be.  This sort of team should be dead and buried before the game even starts, especially against a team as legendry as Romford Town.
Eventually the Towners made steps to sorting it out and got one back soon after the second goal of the game slipped beyond Towner keeper Mike Fermin.  The Towners began to play a more physical game and looked to be getting back into it when Murrell was incorrectly penalised for being in the area.  His foot blocked a shot from a Rejects forward who's shot was kicking a ball that was in the area, this resulted in a penalty as the Towner fans and players took on an odd hush and waited for it to be taken.

The penalty-saver laps up the attention and praise

Towners hero Mikey Firmin dived right as the ball steamed towards his left but left a foot behind to take care of it, the ball splashed out of the area straight into the feet of a Reject who's speedy shot towards goal was put off enough by Towner defenders and wasn't enough to get past Firmin.
Hammonds performance put paid to his previous injury as he dashed around the pitch skipping past Reject players in a bid to get towards goal.  But his first goal was thanks to what looked more like a pass when the Towners starlet had the ball roll to feet with forwards Murrell and DMK shouting for the ball up front, the side-footed shot from his own half was too fast to be a pass when it fooled Reject players and sped past the Towner players into the bottom right-hand corner of a causght off guard Reject keeper. 
Before the break the Rejects popped another in and had a 4-2 lead when the mediocre ref blew for half time.

Towners regular DMK, back for the first time this season, had been speeding around the pitch all night but nothing had really come off before a confident Towners turned on the style in the second. 
The work-rate of Roger Dogs had gifted the Towners some much needed defensive work as he steamed into tackles and balls, usually coming off the victor, one of Dogs few shots on the far right from a speedy ball in-field was too much for Dogs to control when he slammed the laces to the leather and sent the ball wide. 
It was Murrell who took the initiative when a fine Towner pass came to feet for 'New boots' Murrell to control, go wide of a defender and turn on a sixpence to send the ball steaming low into the Rejects goal.  The turnaround had begun.
Murrell again was involved with another Towner goal, McGhee enforcing the back, not for the first time during the game had sent a fine pass to the left of the field for Murrell to roll onto.  The trickster span his fat body round to send a quality pass to the feet of DMK who ran in and applied a cool but powerful finish close to the inside of the post on the left side of the goal.
Hammond jumped into the action too and became active in the middle of the park when he popped his second of the night away from some cool dribbling and equally high-standard finish.  Not long after though, the Towner was in the middle of the park again, hungry for more as he stepped aside the tackles of two Reject players and shot to finish with the outside of the boot and into the top-right hand corner past a struggling keeper.

John knew the only way for the Towners to go

John McGhee made his move two when he slotted one past the keeper to cap a superb performance on the night, enabling the Towners to eventually take the lead and win the game when the final whistle went at 7-5 to the Towners.

Player Ratings
Mike Fermin - After a shaky start the dedicated Towner made some excellent saves to keep the Towners in the game.  The penalty save was a special highlight on the night and extremely important to getting the Towners in the right mood.  That penalty unsaved may have dipped Towner heads too much.
John McGhee - Both John and Mike enjoy joint Man of the Match this week with two votes each, Rog and Dan picking up the others.  Johns tireless defending and movement upfield to attack more were superb but the passing game John played set up more than one goal, sliding precise balls through to the front men made John an important man on the night.  Goals -1.
Steve Hammond - Scored the three goals that took him to the top of the Top Goalscorers table and had a good nights football.  Worried the manager with his limping at one point but worked it out and got back into the game.  Support was scarce at times and Hammond made the most of his skills, whether it was tidying up at the back or getting adventurous up front.  Goals - 3.
Roger Westwood - Had a fine nights defensive work for the Towners, finding himself the last man at the back on more than one occasion and dealing superbly with it.  At one point Rog saved a shot by diving his foot in front of the ball.  Excellent dedication from the usual midfield player.
DMK - Energetic tonight, buzzing around the pitch and getting into position as well as making the calls and running into space, was unlucky not a get a few more goals but passed and dribbled well, as well as scoring two fine goals.  Goals - 2.
Rickee Murrell - Just has a big nob.  Goals - 1.
Jimmy White - Unlucky to get injured not long after the game got started.  What a waste of a fiver!  You play free next time you're fit and required fella, get well soon!!!

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