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Week 3 - RTFC Vs Hi Sue Utd
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RTFC - 3 Vs Hi Sue Utd - 6

Classic Romford Town dedication shone through on a losing night last night as the Towners let slip a realistic victory against league rivals Hi Sue Utd.
The game kicked off extremely tight and Romford Town held their ground to keep Hi Sue at bay.  Their fast shooting and dribbling abilities were shut down on every occasion until the first one slipped through, usually a bad sign for the Towners as heads start to drop and more goals are given away.  Not this time though as Towner cruncher John McGhee launched into every tackle to shut down any Hi Sue attacks. 
Despite their efforts the Towners let another two through the net but heads still didn't drop as they all knoew they had been playing well and the goals that did get by were lucky flukes and the Towners were defending well.  An early effort from Monteeni slipped wide as Murrell back-heeled out wide into the path of the Towner forward for him to slam it just wide of the post. 
The Towners didn't reply until after goal 3 for Hi Sue, Hammond the scorer from just outside the box to bring hope to the Towner camp.  The honz, in goal for this encounter, was having a good ole shout and it was fairly obvious that he was happy when the first goal went in.  He wanted more though and so did the rest of the Towners.  For the next one John McGhee and Dan Monteith paired up for McGhee to slip the ball across the edge of the area and Monteith to side-foot a speedy finish into the back of the net.  3-2.

Rumours surrounding Jones being a thug angel were confirmed when this pic was found

One goal away from coming level and the Towners had it all to do.  Their defending duties were taking up most of the match though, Roger Westwood having an excellent game, efficiently dealing with every tackle he needed to and running his arse off all game.  Roger had a shot as well, it went a little wide and over though and was a little hopeful considering it was shot not far from Honz's area!  Teed up by Hammond, Rog had a crack but it wasn't to be.
More long rangers came from the likes of Hammond but the keep was equal to them.  A couple of rebounds spilled out to Towners but the finish was never enough to get another goal for the Towners, Monteith and Murrell both involved in follow-ups. 
It wasn't long before more goals went past the hand of Jones and before we knew it the Towners were 5-2 down, but then hope.

Murrell, the prodigy of Romford Town, was forward to pick up on a Danny Monteith rebound, although marked heavily, managing to stick one past an in form Hi Sue Utd keeper.
More attacking play from all of the Towners followed, McGhee coming forward to have a go, as well as Murrell, Monteith and Hammond but all shots were hitting posts or being saved.  The frustration mounted and then lanky bollocks on the other team put Hi Sues final goal past Honz who's play had been inspiring all game.  Some shots flew at him from all over the place with precision accuracy and so much speed it was untrue.  Jones stopped the score from being 16-3 instead of 6-3 at the end. 
All in all, the ref was absoloutely shat, Hammond and McGhee having to argue with him at points in the game.  The ref definatly didn't help the Towners, for example, at the second half Towner kick off, one of their players was several feet in our half before the ball had even been kicked, resulting in a Steve Hammond miskick and a free kick to Hi Sue.  The refs a bald, fat cock, so there.

The positive attitude of Rickee 'Mendoza' Murrell is the only way forward for the Towners

Player Ratings
Stevey Hammond - Takes the man of the match reward this week after a wicked performance, always trying, always attacking and bursting forward to try and bring the Towners back into the game.  Was unlucky not to get a few more on the sheet but his crunching and defending was just as important, well done mate.  Goals - 1.
Chris Jones - Superb effort from between the sticks this week as Jones never stopped the chatter and made difficult saves look easy.  Some nice rolling out helped the outfielders onto some decent charges but couldn't be blames for any of the goals.
Roger Westwood - Excellent work from Rog on a night when it was needed.  Especially evident was his continual closing down of the opposition and then usually coming out on top, good nights effort.
John McGhee - The crunchmaster was in the way all night last night, jumping in front of shots and getting into the feet of Hi Sue players aswell as just slamming into them with the Romford Raiders body checks.
DMK - Good night for Dan, his recent fitness boost from working out gets more evident every week, didn't give up all night and took the goal well.  Goals - 1.
Rickee Murrell - One goal but a quiet game.  Goals - 1.