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Murrell copies Giants site and announces player accolades up for grabs!!!

Steaming ahead in their 5th season, Romford Town are enjoying many a glory day against some tough opposition this year, their 2-1 victory against Grim 'n' Evils the highlight so far.  Towner players across the board are impressing manager Rickee Murrell in every game and the additional emergency use of top class ringers are making the beautiful game even sweeter!
To cap it all off, the Towners need to go back to the old school and dish out some well deserved awards at the end of this particular campaign to show an admired appreciation for the players efforts.  A celebration reminiscent of the Towners BBQ seems the best way to go when the Towners that really have made a difference can be awarded and recognised by a collective audience.  As the current season should end around mid August, this will tie in superbly with my 22nd birthday celebrations from early August.  As per usual there is a 2nd BBQ after the initial one which depletes the rest of the alcohol from the first and this will be the time to do it.  Dates will need to be confirmed with the mother but all looks good for a huge session.
Awards in mind are the regulars = Top Goalscorer, Managers Player of the Season and Players Player of the Season but any other ideas would be well received.  If you have an idea for an award that you would like to organise yourself then just run it by me and I'll give you the go ahead to be part of something special, hopefully making that one players dreams come true.  Also in consideration are the possiblity of bad player awards like most unreliable player, most ugly player and most drunk player.

An award for best ringer of the season would also be a refreshing celebration of the most talented ringer that the Towners have hired on a temporary basis to bolster the numbers when regular players have 'supposedly' been doing a course at work or scouting/holidaying in Greece. 
Any help on organising the awards would be appreciated but votes will begin to be collated after the last game of the season and all kept very hush hush to keep you all in suspense! 
Although none of the awards will ever meet the highest standard of award in amateur football (The Ronald MacDonald trophy) they will be dished out to only the most deserving players for the Towners this season. 
In other news I would like to say a big thank you to John McGhee who's work on the site has been invaluable since he began helping a few weeks ago.  So two thumbs up for you old bean!
Keep working hard and good luck for the rest of the season.

More guest presentations are promised in the next awards ceremony