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Kit Plans Underway!!! - 06-04-04
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Pick that kit Shamone!

Recent talks with RTFC councel Chris Jones have taken the club forward in their final preparations to ditch smalltalk and hearsay as new plans to unveil a kit were released in a press release today.
     Three kits are currently undergoing a vigerous weeding out process and prices with the suppliers are being finalised.  Club chairman, Rickee Murrell, had this to say, "Jones said black and red, and I said naa, what about blue and white and he said yeah but red and blacks pretty good innit?  So I said yeah."
     We can definately tell that a high-powered meeting went on for that discussion, but Murrell remains in good spirit as he ordered the kits to be displayed on the site for fans and players alike to choose.
     To make your choice please goto the contact me page and send an e-mail saying what kit you would like to see RTFC playing in.  Cheers.

This ones looking good, to choose this one email me the word Vigo

To choose this one email me with the word Rio

To choose this one email the word Spartak

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