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Week 11 - RTFC Vs Grim 'n' Evils
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RTFC - 9 Vs Grim 'n' Evils - 3

Romford Town marched onto pitch 4 over the Goals complex for what was anticipated to be a testing game.  Could Romford Town keep their nerve as their stared promotion and a real chance of top spot in the face?  Or would it all goto pot like so many previous seasons?
The seasons previous encounter with tonights opposition Grim 'n' Evils had resulted in a tight win with Romford Town just edging a 2-1 win from the game.  Tonight though, there was a hunger for the Towners to take their rightful place at the top, to gain promotion and become champions of their division for the first time in their five season history.  Mikey Fermin returned between the sticks for this outing with Towner regulars Hammond, McGhee, Jones, Westwood and Murrell filling the slots as well as star ringer Stuart Leonard returning once again to the Towners outfit for this important game.
Things once again started slowly and tight, both teams finding it difficult to find gaps in the opposition.  The break came about 6 minutes in when John McGhee found himself out on the left making paces infield with the ball.  With Hammond inside for support, taking a man to guard against the probable pass, McGhee let rip and slotted a fine shot into the far corner to get down on the scoresheet.  Grim 'n' Evils replied immediately, Fermin helpless against the opposition, eager to retaliate.
The Towners jumped back on the proverbial horse again, almost immediately, Honz this time attacking alone to come forward and nestle one against the Grim 'n' Evil netting to take the Towners ahead once again.  As the game continued, the Towner defence played their part in keeping the opposition attacks at bay.  Lenny appointed to sit at the back was on hand to jump in as soon as he saw any part of the whites of the ball as he jumped in at every opportunity to disposess the attackers.  McGhee joined him at the back to take the other forward Grim were playing and employed a similar crunching style to take out the opposition. 
A few more goals went the way of Romford Town as the half carried on, one particular incident of note saw the benevolent Roger Dogs pick up the ball in the Romford Town half and as he was closed down by Grim 'n' Evil forwards, he controlled well and slipped a superb pass through to the feet of goalscorer Stevey Hammond who's reliability with the finish confirmed the expected goal to cap a fine Romford Town move.

An inspirational performance by Roger Dogs on an important night

The end of the initially slow first half eventually came and Romford Town were up.  A satisfying performance was being churned out by all players but shape was being lost as well as any forward players at times for the Towners.
The second half started and it was Roger Dogs once again involved in the fray.  Down the right hand side of the pitch, Roger managed to lay the tackle down on a Grim 'n' Evil player and skip off towards goal leaving his opposition for dead, the angle was too much though and the shot went too wide for Dogs to reap the rewards of his hard work. 

Leonard wasn't without conviction either as he came forward to have a couple of pops too, the keeper unfortunately equal to his efforts.  Murrell was found wanting in the second half too.  Aquisition of the ball in the middle of the park saw Murrell down the last man at the back for Grim 'n' Evils.  The option to wait for support was there but Murrell skinned his man and ran on towards goal to bear down on the keeper.  The side-footed attempt to slide past the keepers left hand side was saved though and a fine individual effort was thwarted once again.
It was the night for John McGhee though as his movement on the field of play ultimately led to another two goals in the game to complete a fine hatrick for the boys in Red.

John lets us all know exactly where the Towners are going.

Hammonds tricks were out once again though, one incident seeing Steve in the middle of the park up against the board, flick the ball with the outside of the boot and turn to run onto it, leaving a bewildered Grim 'n' Evil player standing behind as Hammond ran infield to apply another finish.  It wasn't to be on this occasion but more skills throughout the game contributed to a fine tally of 4 goals at the end of the game.
Chris Jones managed to find the goal twice by the end of the game, leaving Hammond to build up a slight lead in the Top Goalscorers list but with another few weeks to play you can never say never with Chris Jones. 
So, as the final whistle went, a comfortable scoreline blessed the Towners with their 8th win on the trot and a very, very realistic go at taking the division was made evn more likely as scores filtered in from other teams around the league.  5 points ahead now and with the team in the best form they've been in since being convieved all those weeks ago the Towners must finish their final weeks with consistency and dedication to ensure the ultimate award is attained.
Player Ratings
John McGhee - A well deserved Man of the Match this week by five votes see's McGhee take the nights honours in view of a terrific performance for the Reds.  The first hatrick of the season for McNee cannot be overlooked as well as his continuing defensive duties on a night when they were all required.   Well done old bean.  Goals = 3.
Chris Jones - A fine night for the captain tonight, worked hard all aound the pitch and nicked two fine goals to cap it all off.  Some superb link up play and dedicated tackling really shone through tonight.  Goals = 2.
Stevey Hammond - Top quality as and when required in an inportant match.  Some lovely twinkle toe action when moving the ball around the opposition at times and ultimately landed him with the reward of the four goals he took from the game.  Good night for Steve too.  Goals = 4.
Stuart Leonard - Another one that seemed to be all over the pitch tonight, laying the law down at one end and then attacking as part of a finely crafted move at the other contributes to another excellent performance for the Towners.  Was unlucky not to score the shot that cannoned off of the insides of both posts but there you go.
Roger Westwood - Couldn;t be happier with Rogers performance tonight, if John didn't get the goals he did then Roger would have been my MOTM tonight.  Some excellent passing and tackling which is a wonder to watch every time he goes in for the tackle because he usually ends up winning it and then retain possesion for the Towners.  Well done fella.
Mikey Fermin - Some excellent rolling out tonight as well as those all important saves.  The second half was the real shiner for Fermin as he didn't let any more goals in during the whole half.  Without his contribution, things would have been a lot tougher on the pitch, good work fella.
Rickee Murrell - I thought I did alright, would have liked to score though.  Thats what happens when the ref lets the keeper have another foot of area to deny me in the first minute though eh?  Bastard.