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Awards, honors and Murrell gratification

Up for discussion - Players player of the season votes, the voting system and other honors as well as the date of celebration...

The time for celebration is upon the Towners once again.  Not last done since the first season, this seasons achievements need to be recognised as it represents the first season in Towners history that we have won our division.
It wasn't easy either, the opposition were high quality alot of the time and the games were difficult and testing but we have pulled it off with a collection of teamwork, improvement and comittment. 
With the obvious effort that has gone into this season, certain players are deserving of some recognition.
The cornerstone of the awards will be the basic three we can give this season, being the Top Goalscorers award, the Managers Player of the Year award and the coverted Players Player of the year award.
Emails recieved at my work address were forwarded to my home address but have not arrived so details of the voting system I use will be posted at a later date, for now I will be happy to recieve your 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed votes for Players Player of the Season.
More importantly, I need to make sure I can secure a date of celebration which is okay for all main players and hopefully the ringers too. 
Please check below for available dates;
Saturday 10th September 2005
Saturday 17th September 2005
Saturday 24th September 2005
Saturday 1st October 2005
So I can decide the best date, much like the votes I need you all to email the address and tell me which of the 4 dates above you're available to attend and which you prefer.  Once I have everyones I can make a decision on the most convenient date.
Lastly, my sincere thanks to everyone who has played for the Towners this season include our star ringers.  You've all got what you deserved for 5 seasons work and congratulations for that. 
Here's to another successful season hopefully...
The Town Forever