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Week 3 - RTFC Vs Invicta
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RTFC - 8 Vs Invicta - 3

The real start to Romford Towns season began in week 3 this time around with a feisty game which tested the talents of the Towner players and churned out an excellent performance from the team.
Mikey Fermin out to injury for this testing game saw last seasons Top Goalscorer award holder take up the gloves in between the sticks with the rest of the regular team playing outfield with star ringer Mikey Redae filling Hammonds outfield spot.
The game kicked off cautiously for the Towners, a new opposition worthy of being weary of seemed a little daunting, especially with their snazzy kits!!!  But the Towners rose to the occasion and with the aid of Mr Jones the Towners went ahead from the off.  Within a couple of minutes another dazzling run from the Honz took him wide of one player, inside of another culminating in enough space for the Towner captain to rip off a left footed shot which boomed onto the back of the net.

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