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Roger 'Dogs' Westwood
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Who framed Roger Westwood???

Roger 'Dogs' Westwood has always been known best for his golf.  On any given day Roger has boasted that he could stick a large tee up Tiger Woods's arse, plug him in the ground and boom the geezer 300 yards down the fairway, reaching at least the fringe.  When commenting on this boast Rog said, "After I'm finished with him Tiger would have more than a numerical handicap, the cunt."
     But seriously, Rog had always had a hidden talent for something more, a bigger, softer ball that he clubbed with his foot seemed to be the answer.  'Dogs' played a small part in the Unix during the middle era of the club with successful results.  Rog has always been one of the fastest geezers on two legs I've seen and this does him unlimited favours on the pitch.  Showing us the occasional magic footwork and red-faced dedication any team with Rog in deserves, 'Dogs' is a fine addition to the club.
     One other attribute Roger is famous for is less-apparent to a passing stranger.  At this point I feel I must pass a warning. ROGER CAN AND WILL BANNER OUT.  By Banner out I don't mean he becomes a long sign but that he goes crazy, loses his temper and kills everyone in his path.  Rog is also known as the Hulk and for good reason, because he's green.  Naa, because of this crazy streak.  To be honest I remain proud that we have such a fine member of staff in the club, just don't expect me to be around when he's attempting to rip the refs head off.
Bannering = 20
Running fast = 19
Using performance enhancing drugs = 16
Going green = 18
Laughing at anything :) = 17

In a terrible photo-shoot accident Roger's right arm had been amputated

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