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Week 4 - RTFC Vs Panna Boys

RTFC - 9 Vs Panna Boys - 6

Another fun filled night over goals endured the cold January weather as the Towners played for the first time in 3 weeks after the Christmas and New Year festivities.
Six of the front players were present with DMK still out to injury.  His replacement, Gary, was on hand to total up the numbers.
The game started fast and swiftly, the opposition players were mere sproglets not long out of mummy's warm, warm womb but had the energy of a thousand red bulls.  The Towners began play well, moving the ball across the pitch, alternating as and when they pleased.  Quick and fast play was the order of the night with the usual long range boomers left back for this game.  Teaming up well, the likes of Hammond, Jones and McGhee came forward to plant many a chance into the back of the net but only few were successful. 

Is John McGhee becoming the new Banner?

Hammering on with the attacks John McGhee was becoming more and more frustrated, the nearest player usually coming under a tryade of abuse whenever John attacked but didn't score!  Eventually he reached his limit and burst into the uncontrollable ragemaster we have seen in recent weeks, previously taking the shape of Roger Westwood.  Some controversial refereeing led to a short exchange of words in which John McGhee had to get involved with.  Unfortunately, things didn't warrant a 2+10 for roughing but I'm sure John's time will come.
As the game continued things were close.  The score hovered around the 5-2 mark to the opposition but Mr Honz come into play and wanted to change things around.  Goal after goal left Jonesy smiling, one particularly sweet effort took shape when he took control of the passback from the halfway point, ran the ball through all four of the outfield players for the Pannas and slotted a neat finish past the ailing keeper.  A lush goal and no foolin'.

Gary had been getting involved to, usually in the middle of the field, or out very wide in the corners, the trickster turned and tipped his way into space and shooting opportunaties but was disappointed not to take a goal from the game. 
Roger Dogs had been onfield too, his conventional type of tackling and laying the ball safe ever present as Roger did his stuff.  A couple of shots didn't trouble the opposition keeper but his valuable defensive work made up for it.
The charismatic Crane was tested between the sticks as well.  The Panna Boys could shoot and Crane knew about it as some of the shots, although lacking direction came in hard and fast but only those with the accuracy managed to sneak past Cranes hands.
Finally in the last few minutes the Towners turned on the style to take a decent 3 goal lead with the likes of Hammond, Murrell and Jones putting them away.

For just 2 a month, Frank the Armadillo can be saved from giant, firebreathing dragons

Honz - Man of the Match this week for his excellent 5 goals well done