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No Way Back for Towners

Towners miss further chances to join 5-a-side leagues...

3rd highest goalscorer for Romford Town, John McGhee recently attempted to bring the magic of Romford Town back to life with a roll call of players who would be interested in breathing new life into the ex 5-a-side outfit.
Unfortunately, the problems which plagued the team for the last few seasons reared it's ugly head once again as not enough players were able to commit to the resurection of the Towners experience.
Ready to manage the team into the insertion of 5-a-side competition once more, John McGhee contacted a myriad of ex-players in the hope of gaining enough players and experience to field a competetive team.  With John still unabale to play every 3rd week due to work commitments and the definate yes of only three other players the Towners were unable to generate enough interest.  The enigmatic Roger Westwood was ready to jump back into 5-a-side mayhem as well as other outfield players Daniel Monteith-Knight and ex-boss, Rickee Murrell. 
Meanwhile, new commitments to some of these players mean that had the Towners reformed, at least two players would have dropped out of the team had they played on a Wednesday or Thursday.  Also a recent injury to ex-fans favourite Roger Dogs would have left the team forfitting many more matches than they could afford.

On the other hand, sister club Gidea Park Giants are still playing in The London City Powerleague.  Former Towner player Steve Hammond is known to be playing his football with the Giants as well as former Towner captain Chris Jones who now heads up the Giants team as boss.
The latest news and stories from the Giants are still at their site
Further resurections of the Towners are not confirmed nor denied yet I can exclusively confirm that ex-boss Rickee Murrell has been itching to get back into Romford Town colours and play once again.  It is rumoured that a more widespread attempt for the Towners to start up again is in the pipelines but will not happen until well into the new year. 
Murrell has previously been commented to say this; "Romford Towns problems in the final seasons will need to be a thing of the past if the team wishes to start again.  Unfortunately, like most teams of this nature, there will always be players who cannot play on a given night but the secret is to have back ups in place without disappointing those who wish to have a regular place in the team.  I'm certain that the team will start up again but it will need to happen when it is good and ready.  The towner brand is something so delicate that it cannot be forced into restart, it must be planned and allowed to flourish in the fullness of time."

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