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Towners flicker a pulse - 11/03/07
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New hope for Towners restart...

Media speculation surrounding a Towner resurrection have been confirmed recently by surprise insurgent, Steve Hammond.  Reports surrounding the possible revisitation of the Towner brand came to light in recent weeks as more ex-players confirmed they had been asked by Hammond whether they were interested in their inclusion of a new Romford Town team.
Details are few and far between but sources point the team in the direction of a Monday night kick off.  Venue details have not been mentioned as yet.  Rumors begin as ex-starlet Daniel Monteith-Knight mentioned details to ex-boss Rickee Murrell.  A day later Murrell saw e-mail correspondence from Hammond himself seeking interest from a collection of ex-players.
Interest seems to have been generated more successfully than that of the last mention of a resurrection at the back end of October last year.  A record 5 players have shown enough interest in the comeback.  A goalkeeper and another reliable outfield player are required to complete the original 7 every week.  The inclusion of some ringers and back up players would still be needed to ensure a weekly team.

A Towners restart gets my thumbs up!

When approached, Hammond was keen to express that the interest was purely in it's inital stages and nothing is definate.  The water is being tested.
At one part hydrogen and two part oxygen the water tests were complete, as well as informative. 

Stephen Hammond (MP for Wimbledon) Hammond to Hammond - "Steal my google pictures damn you!!!"

The old fad still remains that only time will tell with the Towners.  Will this be just another hyped up stunt or is there a real chance that the Towners are weaning their way back into league competition? 
All eyes will look to Hammond to find out.  Keep checking back here for any further updates as and when they come.