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Everything falls into place!!!! - 07-04-04
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Starting line-up unveiled and kit funding secured!!!!!

     Players and fans went absoloutly crackers when the starting line-up and a sponsership deal for the kit were revealed by yet-to-play team Romford Town FC.
     With the last couple of players declaring final availability the club is happy to name the starting line-up for the first (currently unorganised) match. 

You are right, this picture has nothing to do with any of the news, sorry.

     The signings now give the club the opportunity to stick their face about in search of a friendly match.  Enquiries have also been made into involving the club in the Goals league as originally proposed on a Wednesday night and the club is currently awaiting a reply.  The RTFC website will be keeping you upto date when information is received by the club.

 Surprise signing Ben Brace declared an interest in the club when he was first shortlisted a few days ago.  Club councel Chris Jones managed to secure the services of the central defender over a cosy dinner at 'hip' restaraunt, 'Chatteu de toilette'. 
     Also coming up with the goods today was model midfielder Luke 'Bazzer' Brampton as he finally gave the club the thumbs up.  Luke will be in the starting line up once arrangements for that first game are finalised. 
     A full list of players in the current squad can be found on the 'Roster' page.
     In other exciting news for the club, team councel Chris 'The Honz' Jones offered to stump up a large amount of cold, hard cash to help pay for the clubs kit.  With a view to this Jones has been given sole choice of which kit he would like to pick, with any existing votes from people used only as a recommended guideline for Chris to follow or not if he so chooses. 
     Finally the club has also employed to services of the most unlikely of required members of staff - a team mascot!  After several applicants comedy-faced rubber-boy Peter Clayton was chosen.  Peter has also offered his longtime complaint of driving people about as a service to the club.  Due to his computing skills, Pete will also be granted administrative access to the website and it's forum.