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Grading - RTFC Vs The Hawks
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Romford Town FC - 0 Vs The Hawks - 13

Oh ref!!!  The shouts of the Crane at the stupifying ref had no effect on the overall outcome of the game.  Perhaps the positioning of the ref did.  The little, balding trike seemed to get in the way at every chance he got when RTFC were on the attack. 
But this wasn't the highlight of the game, oh no.
Mangan between the sticks showed an absoloute stunner if one man ever could!  Every booming shot that was goal-bound (except 13 of 'em) was saved.  That geezers body must be black and blue after the amount of power-rockets that he managed to save.  Keeping hope alive for RT, Mangan managed to secure the Man of the Match award for his dazzling display.
But this performance wasn't the highlight of the game.

Only two words can describe Jones

Yes, you guessed it.  The king of the ruckus 'The Honz' showed us a dazzling display of how not to get riled up by punk arse kids.  The story as I know it is this;  Jones is running after the ball and some little punk arse gets on his case (just because Jonesy was taking the piss out of him for the last 5 mins previous) and kicks him in the leg.  Jones stops play, spins round and boots the geezer who in return smacks the Honz round the chops.  In an amazing showing of cool and composure Jones manages to refrain from putting this geezer to the floor.  BUT...
That didn't stop John McGhee from running on, showing us the true meaning of the Romford Town spirit, by looking for some mincer to whack.  And in a surprise attack, just as things were calming down, Rog comes flying in and boots some geezer causing a comotion of raised hands and calming people down again. 
What a night!!!!
In conclusion, there are no pictures here because as we were trying to view them  in the bar, Jones managed to delete every picture on my mums camera.  She weren't happy Jones, but I knocked her out so don't worry.
Check below for individual ratings
Murrell - Yeah I'm well good.
Crane - Showed an impressive performance but the match sadly missed those Crane boomers that we know and love.  Craney almost got man of the match just for putting the ref in his place.  Oh ref!!!
Honz - Superb stuff, really held things together for the first 10 minutes when we had only let in one goal but things went to pot when he came off.    Some guilt edge chances weren't stuck away, although they were deserved.
Rog Dogs - Busy work on the field tonight always sticking a foot in here and there and showing some good strength.  Missed a lovely shot in the second that well should have gone in but was foiled by that pesky keeper.
Benny - A rock at the back as always, could probably do with passing to our players :) but he kept moving and crunching those hardcore tackles all the way!
Mangan - Our Man of the Match, a lovely performance.  Well done to the man, really impressive showing us all what a real goalie should be doing between the sticks.  Instead of that faggit on the other team that should have been watching his mouth instead of coming out on pitch, what a mug.
DMK - A bit of a quiet game, but opened up more in the 2nd half.  A nice attacking display when the fitness bastard weren't weighing him down.

Heroes and Complete Losers

Mangan is the man!!!! 
I don't think that any of our players shouldn't have turned up, I just hope evryone enjoyed themselves and is looking forward to a long and prosperous era with the club :)
an is the man!!!! 
I don't think that any of our players shouldn't have turned up, I just hope evryone enjoyed themselves and is looking forward to a long and prosperous era with the club :)