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Week 3 - RTFC Vs The Shamoans
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RTFC  - 9 Vs The Shamoans - 3

Oh my word.  When you've played three games all season, your teams undergone some major changes for what was anticipated as one of the hardest games of the season and you're playing top of the league, you don't set your sights high for for a good result.  You just wanna keep things tight and try not to get humiliated too much.
But not tonight.
In a show of supreme skill, class, confidence and determination, the players of Romford Town Football Club can hold their heads high and say, "We are without foul the absoloute nuts!"
After starting the game, like usual, with a cautious view to attacking, RTFC kept things tight, resisting the oppositions initial chances until the first goal from Hammond went our way.  After that the team opened up like a beautiful flower and really began to play total football. 
After Hammonds first goal for the club each player changed, evolved if you will, into something comparable only to the like of Zidane and Figo.  Even Hammond was given a new lease of life and stepped it up into one of the best performances his manager has ever seen from him. 
But if you were watching anyone tonight, the pick of the litter was certainly in top form...

"So Benny, who do you believe derserves man of the match tonight?"

Yes, Benny boy takes the man of the match award this week for an outstanding performance.  Aswell as showing us why people call him 'The Rock', Benny took his game into other areas, more notably in the second half.  One incident on the left side of the pitch found Benny with no passable options and an opposition player quickly closing in.  To deal with the onslaught of the approaching player Benny took the ball with the right and sent it up the wing slightly with the left and run onto it, completely mugging off the other player and finding himself in space to launch another inspiring RTFC attack.
To add insult to injury for the Shamoans two RTFC debuts lit the field with the light of Romford Town victory in the form of unmovable crunch-man Steve Childs and super-skilled defender Paul Clifford.  Not known for his skill, Childs played an important role for the team with his alternative brand of power defending and no nonsense football.  Clifford on the other side of the scale provided playful footwork and mugged off plenty of Shamoan players with turns and tricks before releasing the ball into the front men.

Left; Steve Childs gets sexual, Right; Paul Clifford hold his chin in place.

With The Shamoans letting down their guard in the second half, exploitations were incapsulated by Westwood, at times finding himself with a few chances on goal, in space from skill and using almost x-ray vision to spot the running man or the open player for the pass. 
It seemed The Shamoans didn't want to be there anymore, didn't like the humiliation RT were so sorely expecting themselves, and one particular silver-footed player really didn't like Hammond!  Countless times though, Hammond put him to shame, frustrating him more and more until it was quite obvious the fucking moaning spanner was close to crying.  There's some Romford Town spirit for ya!

The enormous foam hand looked extremely realistic.

Name                               Scored tonight           Total for club
Stevie Hammond                          4                                 4
Chris Jones                                  0                                 4
Rickee Murrell                             3                                 3
Paul Clifford                                 2                                 2
DMK                                          0                                  1
I think that's right?  Oh well...

Man of the Match
Benny Brace, we salute you.  If you keep taking players on like that before you know it the club are gonna have to stick a price tag on you before the big boys come in to sign you up!  I think it was difficult to choose a MOTM out of everyones top class performances, but Hammond had it right, Benny was the man to pick.  In terms of improvement, Benny will be teaching us how to play in a few weeks.  Well done mate!!

Player Ratings
Stevie Hammond - Really showed us what supreme class is tonight.  Stuck his foot in with some wicked defending, a lovely assist ;) and one of the best goals I've ever seen over Goals or anywhere for that matter; One on one with the keeper, Hammond cooly makes a move to goto the left, which sends the keeper diving, as he slips a foot under to ball to lift it cleanly over the keepers ailing body.  What a goal!!!
Benny Brace - Couldn't be more pleased with this man tonight, he simply played superb in every area of the field, whether it was distributing passes, leaving opposition players for dead, or steaming in for countless tackles, Benny has taken the coverted Man of the Match award this week.
Chris Jones - Oh my word.  He wasn't lying when he said he was mustard today but didn't add how heeerrrrrrwicked he is in goal.  I've never seen a keep stretch himself that much to reach for a save, an absoloute stormer of a game.
Roger Westwood - We're all waiting for that goal, he's come close too many times you just know it's gonna be special.  Another player which displayed a superb all round performance.
Paul Clifford - Extremely glad that he played tonight, my personal thanks to you Paul.  Some excellent tackling and skill with accurate distribution capped off with two superb goals brings me to say that you'd be welcome back again any time. 
Steve Childs - With one of the first kicks of the 2nd half being Childs punting the ball not only out of the pitch but out of the whole goals complex it was difficult not to give Steve MOTM.  Another fine asset to the team that kept things firm at the back he'll, of course, be welcome back again.  My personal thanks to you for playing too.
Rickee Murrell - Not only one goal, but 3 of the fuckers mean I scored a hatrick for the club and I coudn't be happier.  Missed a couple of chances in the first half but I was the nuts anyway and scored a hatrick so it don't matter!
Up the Town!!!