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Registration and kit news - 08-05-04
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Kit and registration news

     Romford town officials were today hit with another problem following their player drop-out crisis last week.  With an impressive first proper win in the bag for the club, reality hit home to every player on the Romford Town Roster; that Romford Town FC are going places and everyone wants in.
     After having calls from Romford Town players last week, all with their own excuses to why they couldn't attend, this week finds most of those players looking for a glorious return against 4th placed Rejects.  Club policy states that players who did not play one week are garenteed a place in the next game, which leaves many players expectant of a place in the team. 
     Club officials are exempt from being dropped just to free places for others who did not play a week before, and after Mangans expected return to between the sticks just three places are available. 

The Romford Town Tour started with just what everyone wanted!

     In a attempt to find resolve with the players and do what has to be done for RTFC to stay in the league, chairman and manager Rickee Murrell will be forced to play brute tactics to pick the team.  To explain the situation, Murrell had this to say, "Basically, our next game is the last chance the club has to pay a 20 registration fee to goals, which we first heard about just two weeks ago.  As a result each player will need to pay above and beyond the normal fee per match to pay the registration.  To cover the match for that night and the fee, each player will need to pay 8.  With the difficulty of having to pick an unbiased team for the next match, the club feels this is the ideal way to go."
     Murrell made it clear that any player that does not wish to play in the coming match and not pay the one-off 8 fee, are welcome to do so as this will free up places for other players. 

     As it stands, players involved include Dan Monteeny, who needs to be contacted to find out whether he's managed to pull that screwdriver out of his hand yet.  Stu Pac has finally declared availablity after a long stint at 'I'm at Uni FC'.  He was planned into the first team from the beginning and so he will be garanteed his first game with the club.  Crane has been off last week and as he is available for the next game and has proved his worth as official club scout with his comprehensive guide to RT and The Shamoans, he will be garanteed a place in the team.  McGhee, I believe, is still on holiday.  Hammond has a taste for the game now and has moved from his backup status into squad rotation but is not garanteed a place on Wednesday.  New additions Steve Childs and Paul Clifford are backup for the team and will currently only play when the team is unable to field regulars like last week.  It seems, RT regulars Brace and Westwood are available as always.
     Bottom line is; let me or Chris know asap whether you want to play or not.

They looked up to see Clayton just in time

     In other news, next weeks (expensive) game will definatly be the first game that Romford Town will be playing in their own kit.  Director of Football Jones announced the aquisition of the kit earlier today which is looking as good as ever and comfortable in the right size.  Well done for sorting all that out Jones, we salute you!
Remember, get in touch with an official to declare availability for Wednesday.