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Week 5 - RTFC Vs Bradwell Utd
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RTFC - 5 Vs Bradwell Utd - 4

At the beginning of this season there were some words that were never going to go together.
Romford Town FC - Win
Benny Brace - Goalscorer
Rickee Murrell - Shave
But after a sterling display by every, single player on that team last night, realisation hit home that there is a very real chance that Romford Town are in with a shot at the most glorious of prizes; The 5th division Wednesday night championship!
Things started smoothly with runner-up MOTM Jones showing us what real football really is.  Just minutes after kickoff, Jones went on a silky run, the ball exchanging seamlessly between his left and right foot before seeing space for the shot, which couldn't have been closer to the angle of post and crossbar when it rattled the back of the Bradwell net.  Minutes later Jones doubled the advantage with more exceptional play resulting in a 2-nil lead. 
Next, the chance of a lifetime came up.  The chance for that man dogs to score.  After a mistakable single pass out and pass back to the keeper, the towners were awarded a penalty.  Murrell placed the ball on the spot and stepped back... let Rog come forward and get the goal that he'd derserved all season.  On step forward and boooom!  The ball careered towards the top left hand corner, but the keeper dived the right way and saved it.  Bastard.
The real magic came when almost definate Player of the Season Ben Brace came out of that rugby shell to show us the boot of defiance!  Made only to stop tackles and kick the ball away, it took two toting chances it was supplied with and slipped them past the keeper on both occasions.  Yes, Benny scored two goals and the Romford Town faithful couldn't be happier.
The fitness finally dropped though (later than usual might I add) which gave Bradwell the chance to penalise which left the game with 3 minutes to go drawing square at 4-4.  Every fan on the edge of their seat, every RT player gasping for breath, expecting to concede another goal, when that man Rickee Murrell stepped up to pass one through an army of Bradwell players before it met the feet of Danny Monteeny.  Before a reaction could have been made possible a Bradwell player was bearing down on Dan immediatley but it seems lady luck was with the towners at the ball bounced arkwardly off the Bradwell defence and fell kindly for DMK.  It didn't take long for the Romford Town forward to realise his fortune and stick it away into the far corner.
The whistles bellowed from the sidelines until the true siren that signalled the end of the match screeched from the ref to mark another well-deserved victory for Romford Town.

Player Ratings
Chris Jones - The reliable trickster as always, came foward to stick a couple away for the cause.  Really held his ground and crunched away for some captain-strength tackles
Ben Brace - That man again, with a lovely couple of goals, some hard tackling, and er...great passing.  Seriously though, you know why his names in red and he definately earned it again. Good stuff Benny.
Roger Westwood - Another fine performance, some begging chances teasing the towners again as fate steered them wide of the goal.  Unlucky on the penalty but some nice running and tackling in-game.  At one point Rogers Hulk determination sent him flying forward at the instruction Jones to fill a gap in the middle of the pitch and crunch a Bradwell player to remove posession and send RT forward again.  Moment of the match mate.
DMK - A lovely finish at the end  of the game to win the match for us and a good strong performace during the game.  Couple of bits of footwork that would of had MJ checkin the cone.
Paul Reade - The big man was a welcome site in goal, with reliable saves and probably the best organisation of the outfield players all season.  Excellent work fella, the towners would welcome you back again.
John McGhee - Good, solid performance with a couple of decent shots.  Kept moving and shouting throughout the match with a welcome return to the towners after a 2-week leave of absence.  Don't underestimate the power of McGhee.
Rickee Murrell - You can't have goals without assists and Murrell is the man you want if you need someone to set you up.  Set up that final goal and is the nuts. Filled the gaps and got back well when he needed to, (the match report is never wrong Jones).
Top goalscorers update will be getting it's own page soon, so keep checking back.

Benny Brace is our man of the match this week with a superb stunner of a performance and the double whammy with the goals.  Benny, we salute you.