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RTFC Update - 26-05-04
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Whats going down, clown?

     Romford Town were recently in talks with Stuart Leonard, manager of sister outfit; the Giants, to arrange a friendly match to encourage bonding and a communal love of the game of football.  The revelations of the match-up were discussed in a pub in Gidea Park in a drunken rage by the managers of both clubs respectively.
     The news was today hailed by fans of both teams as one of the greatest show-downs in the beautiful games history.  Although no dates are currently confirmed, Romford Town manager Rickee Murrell was quick to get things rolling. 
     "It had been on my mind for a little while now but with the support of the Giants manager I am keen to get things sorted as quick as possible.  At the moment talks are yet to confirm any information about the fixture including, where, when and why.  To make things fair I will be submitting a recommendation of a two leg match-up, one at the Goals centre (pitch 6) and one at the powerleague centre.  Both 5-a-side matches with proper refs and a trophy at the end for the winning team," Murrell said earlier.
     Whispers were heard with the possibility of the match at the powerleague played on the Giants terms with 7-a-side team fielded on each side.  With the popularity of Romford Town, we believe there will be enough players willing to play for the Towners as long as the match is scheduled all in good time so commitments can be made early.

The impending matchup promises to be anything but friendly

     Until things are arranged with the friendly, Rickee Murrell has urged that Romford Town players frequent the Romford Town forums to discuss their thoughts on the matchup, such as a good night to do it on and what player to single out on the Giants team to crunch to death during the match.
     Players were dismayed last week to find that the scout report by recently appointed head scout Paul Crane were absent from the Romford Town forums last week.  The uproar signalled a fear of RTFC players going into matches without knowing what to expect.  Although most stats provided by the Crane are more obvious than someone wearing a banana suit at a funeral, players were still sad to learn of the missing scout report.  The Crane had this to say in his defence, "I can only provide the match stats by going on the net at work, if we're too busy and I have to continuously sort out the drainage in the lower fields I am unable to create the report every week.  I am expecting to have a decent internet connection at home pretty soon so I won't be letting the team down again once thats sorted.  I can only offer my sincere apologies at this time."
     Director of football Chris Jones revealed that Crane had been given a whipping to get his act together and confirmed that yes, they were both naked.

     Also under discussion at the moment is the superb performance of Romford Town Football Club in recent matches.  2nd in the league and still climbing the team can only have high hopes of their position at the end of the season.  Of the impending match, Romford Town player John McGhee had this to say, "Big game wednesday, Eastside are only 2 points behind us and we need to win to keep in touch with the tossers at the top, lets put in another performance like last week and i am sure we will be fine.  Also if we win the gap will begin to form between the top 2 and the rest so it is a must win game.  Also looking at previous seasons it looks like 1 more win will give us 12 points and that will already be enough points to guarentee that we wont finish bottom this season so lets make this a night to remember."
     John's revelalation of the fact that Romford Town need only one more win to avoid bottom spot has left Rickee Murrell confident of avoiding the bottom spot this year.  "I have worked hard with the team to produce some fine athletes, and although it didn't work, we're still doing quite well.  I am extremely proud of how well we're doing and considering at the beginning of this season me and Chris were expecting a 4th-6th placing, we are doing really well.  I can't see why things are going to change either.  Brace is improving all the time, Westwood is going to score soon, and our experienced captain is doing a good job leading the players."

Even Burns thought Romford Town were doing "eeexcellent".

     Finally, I would like to inform you of some changes the site will be undergoing on Thursday.  I will be adding our own Top Goalscorers page, which has plans to include a photo of the current Top Goalscorer and news on how he can be beat. 
     I will also be looking to include a couple more player profiles on the Favourite Players page, and this weeks game will not only include another victory (hopefully) but we will be having the official photoshoot.  I want plenty of pics to decorate the site with, so Jones, get your lipstick out and Crane strike the "OOOOOHHHHHH!!!! pose. 
Until Wednesday lads,