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Week 6 - RTFC Vs Eastside F.C.
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RTFC - 3 Vs Eastside F.C. - 2

Yes folks, the Towners have done it again.  A thoroughly difficult game that seemed to stop most of the RT players from displaying their usual creativity or flair.  Nonetheless, it's another game that has been won.
Although not the best display this season there was still magic on the pitch.  The magic was first there when fantastically goodlooking wonderman Rickee Murrell received a pass slight wide to the left of the Eastside goal.  Having a little space Murrell just pulled back the right peg and set a flight path for the ball to hit the back of the net, top right hand corner.

Cranes goalie armor went a bit too far

Early on in the game it didn't take long for the Crane to establish himself as the reliable 'cat' that he's been dubbed.  Save after save to keep a low-scoring game in Romford Towns favour,  with plenty of motion at the right moments.  The real motion though, the motion that actually takes Crane out of his area and halfway up the pitch, wasn't evident last night as Crane kept his mind on the game and his body in the area. 
Next up it was Jones to turn on the style, silky skills and fast footwork creating space for Jones to add two to the Towners cause.  We caught up with the Towners manager, Rickee Murrell, for his comments on his captain after the game, "I've been very impressed with Jones this season.  Whether it's silky runs or 'ball-hogging' as some people call it, or some fantastic tackling or passing, Jones has been quite reliable.  The only thing is, he forgets to wear his captains armband every week and when the players are on the pitch, they look for a captain, and when they can't find him morale goes down the plughole".
Murrells out-burst was cut short as he was wrestled to the ground by a mysterious stranger, known only as the digicam thief.
The game wore on as a test of fitness to both teams.  With only five players, EFC were showing their fatigue but not enough to allow the Towners to get too far ahead. 
Although most of the team were quiet this week there were some nice moments of pure football on Pitch 4 last night.  One incident found rock solid defender with another oppurtunity to score this week.  The ball came across the Eastside goal and Benny managed to squeeze a low shot goalward with the left peg, but his shot was saved by a mostly reliable keeper for EFC.
Roger Dogs came closer than ever this week, from open play, as one curling long range boomer took a slight deflection and was heading for the top right hand corner.  Again, another save was accomplished by the keeper, but it would have been a lovely goal.
The man who had more moments than most this week was Dan Monteith-Knight.  On several occasions he would come flying into crunch tackles which he usually won.  On the ball he was very at home last night as he walked the ball around areas of the pitch and the EFC players.  Also Dans off-the-ball was evident as he peeled away from defenders and kept running for the Towners, all contributing to a solid performance.
Finally, I'd like to say a big thanks to Romford Town faithful Steve Hammond for being on standby to play for last nights game, just a shame he had to watch such a boring game!

Man of the Match this week goes to that man Crane for his superb performance between the sticks last night.  With such a low scoring game it was obvious that Crane needed to save many a shot and did so with all the acrabatic skill and eccentricity you come to expect from him.

Individual Ratings
Chris Jones - Another fine performance last tonight which was reliable enough to keep us in the game.  Gave an easy goal away at the end with a mix-up between his intentions and how he actually kicked the ball, but made up for it with two fine goals, one particularly sweet toe-punt into the top left hand corner.
DMK -  Excellent work last night for the Towners, seemed to come out of his shell a little bit and get it all right.  With hardly any mistakes all night and some important tackles Dan was unlucky not to claim man of the match this week.
Roger Westwood - The frustration must be burning into a green, misty time bomb just waiting to go off as Rog continued to have some decent chances well saved by the opposition keeper.  Again some nice tackling this week, good work.
John McGhee - Seemed to have a lot of energy this week and used it to good advantage when coming forward.  Had a few chances this week which were saved by a solid keeper.  Some nice passing aswell down the wings, with strong defending when in defence.  Had a good night.
Paul Crane - Excellent performance last night with the saves but there was slight improvement to the rolling out and talking elements of Cranes game.  Keep organising that defence and make sure that short, fat geezer up front keeps running for ya!
Ben Brace - Quieter than the last few weeks but still good stuff coming forward looking for more goals to add to the list!!!  Slight injury concerns from the Romford Town managment, but Benny will surely be back on top form next time he plays.
Rickee Murrell - who?  What a fantastic start for the Towners with that Rickee Murrell goal putting them in front from the off.  Maybe could've run to the ball on a couple of occasions instead of setting up camp and waiting for it to turn up, but what a goal.