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Week 7 - RTFC Vs One Day We Will Win
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RTFC  - 6 Vs One Day We Will Win - 8

The glorious feeling of playing an enjoyable game of football made a triumphant return to the players, new and old, of Romford Town FC this week.  Easily the most difficult opponents RTFC have faced this season, One Day We Will Win edged victory in a tight, goal-filled match.  With Ben Brace injured at the sidelines and John McGhee unavailable through other engagments, the players welcomed back the unmovable object that is Steve Childs into the team.  On his celebrated debut for the Town, Stuart Leonard joined the RTFC usuals for a taste of the Romford Town 'experience'.
Play opened fast and furious as the pace was set by Romford Towns skillful opposition.  In an unusual twist of fate, the form of Romford Town was flipped on it's head as a first half early goal and good use of maximum energy levels were in remission as the Towners insued a frustrating parry of saved and wide long range shots, defenders left for dead and conceded goals.  Even with the defensive abilities of Steve 'The Wall' Childs at their disposal the Romford Town players were unable to contain the skill of the scouse cunts on the other team. 

When he's in the way there's no getting past him.

Mangan did well to stop more from going in in the first half, saving powerful and precise shots with feet and arms to keep a glimpse of hope within the Romford Town spirit.
One of the only pieces of magic came from debut man Leonard as he turned on the style when converting the only goal to the Towners in the first half as he let rip a curling boomer which settled in the bottom left hand corner of the opposition net.  After a disappointing 1st half which ended 6-1 to the other team, Romford Town regrouped and came up with a new plan.  It consisted of leaving one man at the back.  This, and the other teams lagging fitness enabled Romford Town to punish a little more in the 2nd half. 
Mainly long-rangers, the shots began to leave the feet of the Romford Town men.  Every player on the Towners cause stepping up for a shot, with Monteith and Westwood mounting impressive attacks, they were unable to punish.  The Honz led by example though as he stuck two away with the quality we've all come to expect from the captain.  Murrell wanted some of it too, so he popped a couple in aswell. 

But the main man on the night was to add another to his already superb goal.  After battling all the way through with more commitment than one can come to expect from a player filling in for the odd match for the first time, Leonard played out of his skin, crunching into violent tackles and passing with the vision of the Gods.  This week, for a pleasant change my decision lies with Stuart Leonard for the Man of the Match award.  Well done fella.

Lens smug look was justified as the informant whispered through the improvised phone

Player Ratings
Stuart Leonard - This weeks man of the match with a stirring performance.  One incident found Len run into the tackle of one opponent, bounce into the wall, get past the player, run into another opposition player, get disposessed, regain the ball then win a foul.  Pure determination.  Welcome back again anytime Lenny.
Chris Jones - With the "Woo's" of the mug on the other team as he took on every player on the Romford Town team, Jones wasn't having none of it as he tackled him, sent him the ground and gave a "Woo" back.  More determined running, tackling and goal-scoring.  Unlucky with a saved penalty, but showed his worth.  Two nice goals and a good all round performance. 
Roger Westwood - Came close a few more times this week, one turkey boomer in particular coming close.  Some fine defensive work, but that looming goal is close.  With our next match an important one, is this what Rog has been waiting for???
DMK - Nice work on the night, came very close with a rebound and deserved a goal.  Tackling still in good form this week, another good all-rounder.
Paul Mangan - Good preformance in between the sticks with some effective passing against such a difficult team.  Nice organisation this week, keep shouting at those lazy fuckers Mangan!!!
Steve Childs - The wall returns!!!  Improved on his last performace at the Town with his rock solid tackling.  One incident found Childs (in full view of the screaming fans) literally stop the opposition dead by simply not moving out of their way.  Classic.
Murrell - 2 goals says it all, I am heerrrrrwicked!  Shamone!  Ow!