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Week 10 - RTFC Vs The Shamoans
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RTFC - 9 Vs The Shamoans - 6

Yes, another victory secured for the reds as Romford Town edge ever closer to promotion glory.  After a previous defeat at the hands of the Shamoans Romford Town were expecting a hard game of intricate, passing football but took the first half by the reigns and outplayed the opposition in every way. 
With every player in top form for the first 15-20 minutes the Towners looked comfortable with the ball as they moved it seamlessly from player to player until an opening on goal could be forged into some kind of shooting effort.  Murrell opened the account for the Towners with a snide shot that just about made is past the flaying arms of the Shamoan keeper. 

"Well, I found meself on the edge the area, I kicked the ball and well, the rest is history."

Following Murrells example both Hammond and Honz came forward in what became an orgy of sublime Romford Town goals.  The frustration for the Shamoans was showing as their players began to scream at eachother to 'sort themselves out' and 'keep moving'.  Whatever, it didn't help and the Towners punished with link play from Hammond and Honz. 
Having a good game in goal, the Crane was his usual self as he pounced on every shot, protecting his goal like some pre-programmed robot from Robocop.  With 9 minutes to go in the first half the Crane came forward to the middle of his area to protect another searing shot only to find that his eye was in for serious punishment.  The shot boomed against the unsuspecting looker which resulted in stoppage of play with Crane requiring medical assistance from water-pouring eye medic Stevie Hammond.  After about 3 minutes Crane was taken off and replaced by the Honz for the rest of the half. 
As Crane went to look for a medicine cabinet, the remaining 6 players saw out the rest of the half with only one goal conceded, ending 7-1 to the Towners. 
At half time decisions had to be made about the one-man-down situation and Benny Brace bravely stepped up to offer his handling services to Towners manager Rickee Murrell.  9 seconds later the Towners had already conceded 15 goals, only joking Benny. 
In the second half things looked shaky as the Towners began to concede.  Clawing their way back into the game, The Shamoans took advantage of the wailing fitness of the Romford Town players, the injury and the worst goalie to ever play in goal anywhere ever. ;)  It didn't stop the wideboy though as he continued to crunch and kick Shamoan players reminding them why they call him 'The Enforcer'.  One incident found Lenny completely take out a Shamaon by slamming the unsuspecting player straight into the Goals wall.  After receiving a small warning from the ref Len continued his rampage, envoking aggressive play on both sides. 
Benny's efforts in goal were enough to keep a favourable scoreline for the Towners as their bit on the pitch.  Peter Claytons entrance into the Romford Town team for the first time ever had a been a worrying prospect for some players but the gamble paid off as Clayton neatly kept the Towners out of trouble on several occasions. 
As the final whistle went, concerned players bid fairwell to their injured keeper as he left early to get to hospital and a more painful 4 hour wait.  Crane, from all the players at Romford Town, get well soon son.

Individual Ratings
Stevie Hammond - Yes Hammond I bestow the honor of MOTM on you this week for four excellent goals and a whole lot of decent running, passing, awareness and skills.  Well done fruitella (fella).
Benny Brace - Had a nice first half like the rest of the Towners as he crunched away, making sure that our 6 goal lead was still intact at halftime.  In goal in the second half had a bad start but settled to pull off a couple of nice stops.  Good game.
Chris Jones - Had a good game, including the small stint in goal.  Three nice goals made the difference on Wednesday as the inspiring captain led by example and drove the Towners to the 9-6 win.
Peter Clayton - Oh my GOD! Only joking.  Wasn't too bad for the Towners, got crunch on a few tackles and came out with the ball after being tackled by a Shamoan, and he plays week in week out for a half decent team.  Should be proud.
Stuart Leonard - The enforcer done good and was unlucky to get on the scoresheet.  Usually has a few more shots than on Wednesday but was inspirational with the tackling.  Crunch man Len.
Paul Crane - An unfortunate end to the game for young Crane as he trudged off injured before the end of the first half.  While playing though was having an excellent game and may have got MOTM if he had been able to continue.  Should be back week after next.

And at the point when Clayton couldn't get any further up there the camera went off.