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Week 12 - RTFC Vs Bradwell FC

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RTFC - 7 Vs Bradwell FC - 6

The drama.
The emotion.
The experience.
Romford Town FC lived up to a paramount of expectation in fine form last night with a performance that would've gripped any TV pundit or commentator.  With the weather as bad as it was, the Towners found themselves playing in what can only be described as 'the sea falling from the sky'.  Torrential rainpour hit the Towners as the rain soaked in and weighed down the kit, making saucy arse-shots all the more possible with the old camera. 
Things started well for the boys in red as they popped in the first goal to go one-nil up.  Little did they know that the first 4 minutes would be the only minutes during the game that they would be in front.  It didn't take long for Bradwell FC to counter and punish to take the lead and retain it early on. 
As the rain slammed down onto the players and a water-logged pitch (well, not really), an inspirational 'talisman', as Roger Dogs labelled him, in the form of Chris 'The Honz' Jones kept the Towners hopes alive with a steadfast determination which saw him play as though he was unaffected by the tidal wave falling from the sky.  Jones played the ball around, linking up with Monteith and Dogs as they sped around the pitch showing the evidence of Romford Towns improved passing seen in the last few games. 

"Mmm, your hands are so soft, what hand cream do you use?"

With the Towners lagging behind despite the superb efforts of an in form Jones, it was McGhee that had scored the first goal and McGhee that was looking for more.  On more than one occasion 'the bullet' took those long rangers on a less than forgiving surface, coming close but unable to extend his first goal. 
The man Monteith showed another promising display this week to continue his run of good form from the last game as he came forward to nestle one for the Towners into the net, but before long it was 'the rock' that decided to show off his attacking prowess once again.  With some excellent positioning Benny came forward to dispossess a Bradwell player with a seemingly effortless move witch left Benny in space to pull 'the toe' out of retirement and flick one past the keeper to add to his previous tally of supergoals for the Towners. 

Slip-sliding into the 2nd half the Towners came out with it all to do.  It was Rog this time that came forward to impress with a succession of tackles that saved the bacon of Romford Town from situations that so easily could have turned into Bradwell goals.  A few shots left the foot of the Dogs but none more impressive than a long ranger that seemed to be one of the only clean shots of the game, but it went wide.
Finally at 6-4 to Bradwell, the clock was ticking and promotion glory was slipping away from Romford.  Good work and pressure once again from Jones forced Bradwell to concede a penalty.  With the rain pouring down his face a soaked to the bone Murrell screamed from the sidelines for Jones to take the kick. 
Time slowed as Jones picked the ball up and placed the ball on the spot.  Memories of sliced, saved and wide penalty shots flashed through the minds of every Romford Town player as Jones took a step back for the most important kick of the game. The no nonsense captain took one step forward and confidently placed the ball past the keeper and into the corner.  The frustration of the Bradwell boys had been stirring during the game with shots palmed away by in-form own-goalscorer the Crane and denials from the posts and bars multiple times throughout the game as it all finally erupted.  The conceded penalty saw the goalie slam the ball the ground as it fell to the feet of Jones once again.  An open play penalty against an unaware keeper made an easy chance for Jones to put away once again to make his hatrick. 
4 minutes left to play saw a hectic tally of shots from Dan Monteith denied by a keeper desperatly trying to make up for a momentary lack of concentration.  Jones, McGhee, Dogs and even Murrell etched half-chances to try and come good in the final minutes but it just wasn't happening.  Then, a late Bradwell mistake saw Murrell pass a magical freekick into the path of top scorer Jones to score the 7th that Romford Town so sorely needed.  Seconds later the ref blew the final whistle as the Towners could take deep sigh's of relief after a difficult game that was always just out of reach until the end. 
Man of the Match this week, the Crane was heralded for his excellent work between the sticks last night as Jones missed out on the award by a Crane vote going Rogers way. 

With great surprise the RT players learnt the Jones secret. "Water and a fag, guv"

Individual Ratings
Paul Crane - Well here's a turn up for the books, a keeper got man of the match for once.  But seriously Crane swayed the vote with an excellent rain-drenched performance earning him the admiration of his fellow players.  The normal acrobatic saves aswell as impossible palmers and 'the forehead save' made the one and only CRANE this weeks man of the match, well done fella.
Chris Jones - A 4-goal stormer of a game that really won us the game.  A wicked selection of all round play that the man Jones should be proud of.  Just a shame you look like a robot in the picture above ;). Good show old man.
Roger Westwood - Shots, tackles, runs all enthused with the Romford Town emotion kept Rog going when the going got wet.  Another all round gooden for the Towners.
DMK - A nice goal and a thousand chances.  Could've popped 3 or 4 in near the end of the game but their keeper had something to prove.  Another good one this week with some nice passing, running and a bit of decent communication found DMK play through the rain with composure and wet pants (from the rain).
Ben Brace - Our one and only rock put in a good performance when it was needed and scored a well-worked goal that was all his own.  Can be proud of last nights performance.
John McGhee - A lovely goal slotted past the keeper and some excellent play that also set some fine examples.  Without Johns hard work at the back and fine passing in monstrous weather the game could've gone the other way.
Murrell - Set the Jones up for the final goal that was the winner.  Need I say anymore?