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Probable division 3 champions Romford Town found themselves with the upper hand once again at the beginning of what promises to be an immense challenge of a season. 
With Mike Reade back on board for the second game in a row and Stevie Hammond in goal, things were hopeful for a good start to the season. 
Things started steady but it took the entrance of Mike Reade into the game, as he subbed on for John McGhee, before the first goal was scored.  The influential ringer didn't waste no time by netting his and Romford Town's first goal of the season, followed closely by an assist that saw Romford two to the good with no reply. 

McGhee, Wednesday night. Really.

Things continued well in the first half as Romford Town continued to dominate.  Roger dogs especialy putting the hours in for the Romford Town cause, finding himself always in excellent positions to either receive the pass or make the challenge.  Early on the game, Rog found himself flying high quite literally.  In a challenge for the ball the opposing player clashed with Rog at full pelt as he steamed into the hulk sending him flying back as he lifted off the ground and landed slap-bang on his back on the floor.  After the ref labelled it 'unintentional', Rog vowed for blood, insisting he was 'gonna get cut'.  Rog picked himself up and continued a fine performance for the Towners.

Look at him, he knows he played the bollocks.

After a return from not playing in the last game of last season, DMK was back with something to prove, his sexuality.  Before though, there was a game to play and play he did.  In an excellent first half performance, he teamed up with the rest of the staff to pass effectively arount the Allegro boys like there was no tomorrow.  Fortunatley, there was a tomorrow, otherwise it would have been the end of the Earth.  Anyway, more of those DMK special little turns were used to good effect against Allegro as he dazzled and smazzled them every time he got the ball.
Also back from absence was the resounding Honz.  He made good use of the passing abilities of the Reade as they teamed up to pass and score on more than one occasion, and plenty more where they came close.  Honz skillfully weaved in and out of Allegro players to get into shooting positions and to pass off to his colleagues, showing us all what we've been missing while he was searching for the big apple in NYC, shamone. 
But, for once, no action was more dazzling than when Murrell came forward late in the first half to leave his marker behind and position himself for a slowing rolling pass from DMK.  As the pass trundled towards him, Murrell saw the rest of the players stop and wait in expectation for him to stack it and miss completely, BUT NO,  Murrell slammed his laces on the right boot to smash it into the top right hand corner of the goal from a tight angle, past a flailing keeper.
Speaking of keepers, Hammond returned to the sticks in place of an absent Crane but did the Towners proud.  Save after save as per usual, but he also gave us something special.  As a rare, first half Allegro attack mounted a shot came flying in as Steve thought, 'who needs hands' as he saved the rocket with his face.  A floored and dazed Hammond realised that it was just after this moment when the drugs started to kick in.  Hammond played out the rest of the half with the distraction of dragons and bats flying above his head as he played, but he still stopped a good few shots.

After a good first half the whistle came and the boys regrouped for the half-time discussion.  With Hammond off trying to dance with fairies or some other tripped out shit, the boys realised more of the same would be the way forward.
Allegro got things going and a dissappointing second half insued.  The second wasn't terrible but in comparrison to the first things could have been better.  That's not to say it didn't have it's moments.  DMK adding to his first half goal to slam a further hatrick into the Allegro net in 2 minutes to cap a fine nights work. 
Many Allegro shots had been off target, over the goal mainly, but in the second half they gained some focus and shot well after peeling the towners away from them, creating gaps and reversing the roles of the two teams in the first half. 
McGhee stood strong in the second though, as he plowed more tackles into Allegro players and passed well.  2 goals also came Johns way in a deserved reward for his nights contribution. 
Finally the end of the game came and a satisfied Romford Town turned to the bar to discuss the nights momentous victory.

"No, really, if you point your fag down, it actually makes you healthier"

Player Ratings
Mike Reade - Mike McReade makes it two for two after his fantastic 6 goal stormer last night and countless assists in a game that may have gone the other way had he not been playing.  Some lovely passing, unstoppable goals, meaty tackling and more Romford Town encouragment earned him the most votes this week.  Well done fella.
Roger Westwood - An excellent game that saw Rog earn MOTM votes.  His tackling and hard work particularly evident on a night when more cleanly hit shots were on target as always but stopped by their keeper.  Can be very proud.
John McGhee - Some nicely made goals and a good performance saw McGhee play well again last night.  Battled well all over the pitch but did well to get involved with that lovely Romford Town passing in the first half.
Chris Jones - Oh ref!  What a retunr to form and a return to Dagenham for the whipper snapper.  4 lucious goals, some excellent dribbling, passing and challenges, as ever the captain that plays by example.  Earned MOTM votes also this week.
Steve Hammond - My word, another excellent performer last night.  Goalkeeping like a true cat once again.  Did well with the roll-outs and kept that mouth going, i.e. "drop back a bit Jones", "come wide Rog" and "shake that ass mo' fo'!".
DMK - Excellent performance again tonight and a valued return to the Towners roster.  Some some lovely goals, possibly looking at a contender for Top Goalscorer this season but as always, only time will tell.
Rickee Murrell - What a goal though, come on.

Allo cheeky!