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Week 3 - RTFC Vs San Miguel
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RTFC - 3 Vs San Miguel - 3

Still unbeaten after 3 weeks, Romford Town march on towards another league drumming in division 3.  The Towners were unlucky on the night as they worked hard, only to be pushed back by a bad refereeing decision and the fitness of darts players. 
The match started as ever with a slow, tight game played by the battling sides.  Currently bottom of the league, San Miguel, showed a quality that overstated their league position.  With their fitness high, Romford Town struggled to keep up but thankfully possessed more skill and class on the day.

Seriously though, what a presentation!

From the off though, McGhee was to be denied three superb attacks.  Firstly his shot from the off was boomed towards the top right hand corner of the goal only for the defending keeper to save well.  His other two shots from open play were unlucky to go in but merely troubled the keeper. 
More skillful runs and passes came from the Honz as he tried to weave in and out of the Miguel players to get into shooting positions but his efforts were initially fruitless. 
It took the skill and magic of Murrell to come forward and open the scoring by setting up the first goal.  As the bouncing ball came into feet, Murrell tried an audatious through the legs flick which found the feet of fellow player Honz and with no mistake that man Jones stuck it past the helpless keeper. 
A good goal that was proving to be quite valueable as the Towners struggled to mount attacks to try and extend the lead.  It wasn't too long until the opposition came forward more often.  Their shooting had been good but Stevie Hammonds saves had matched them.  His rolling out had kept the Towners working as he passed into space for Towners to run onto. 
Into the second half it was Murrell to come good again as he came forward set up by a fine pass from the Pac.  Controlling well, Murrell took the goal as he boomed it past the keeper into the top left hand corner of the net. 
With the score 2-all it was the Towners that were to clinch a goal to take the lead once again in the form of a well taken goal by Honz.  As they continued on into the final minutes the ref was the one to change the course of the game as DMK found himself following a Miguel player into the area only to be penalised by the ref, who otherwise had a good night. 

One of the Miguel players stepped up and made no mistake as he slipped it past Hammond with an unstoppable shot into the corner of the goal.
It was pretty much the last action before the final whistle signalled the end of a disappointing night for the Towners, who had hoped to take the win and score a few more goals. 
Regardless, it left the team sitting pretty at the top of the league and with three games gone things are looking good for another successful season.  Next week, the normal players will be playing with the return of Crane and Brace back into the team it's time for superstar ringer Steve Hammond and Stu Pac to take a rest.

"He's done this before he has!" Classic.

Player Ratings
John McGhee - It's always good to see John McGhee get a Man of the Match result especially when he deserves it.  An excellent performance with some lovely shooting and play.  Just a shame Hammond couldn't put that little bit more effort in to take the honour away from him. 
Chris Jones - Excellent play tonight with those slip-slide runs and wonderful passing that was textbook.  Took two nice goals aswell and once again led by example.
Steve Hammond - Played outstanding, with some lovely saves, rolls out and organisation.  Just needs to remember that the team on the pitch aren't very fit and can't get back on every occasion.  Will be missed in the next game.
Stu Pac - Played well and organised the back with some nice communication but could do with putting a foot in more often to improve his game.  Was convincing enough to earn himself a spot in the next game we have an available position.
Roger Westwood - Another fine dogs performance that came so close to scoring with an unlucky shot from the right hand side of the pitch.  Some nice passing and displays of defensive strength helped the town retain a draw instead of losing.  Can be proud.
DMK - Had a nice little game but his footwork didn't come off so well as in previous weeks.  Some nice passing and unlucky shots were still evident though so the dedicated performance was a good one.
Rickee Murrell - Doesn't have a week where he doesn't play bad and if he does it's because his penis is sooo big that it weighs him down and gets in the way of his game.  What a goal though.

The team shot! Oh ref! Except Clayton. :)