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Jones - Managers player of the season
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One man, one vote and Jones got it, why?

With around 7 possibly deserving individuals it will always be difficult to pick ONE from the bunch.  Thanksfully, on this occasion, it wasn't too hard.  Not just on the pitch, Jones's contribution to Romford Town FC has been nothing short of amazing.  From buying the kit and naming the club to arranging lifts and his captains corner, Chris Jones has been more than an asset. 
With so much effort and dedication to a club so close to his heart you only have to watch him play to see the enthusiasm which goes into every game.  From swerving, skillful runs down the middle of the park to superb super-shots you can't help to feel that Jones is a deserving recipient of such a fine award. 
For some strange reason, though, Jones failed to receive any Man of the Match awards last season.  Most performances are top notch but never seem to get recognised by the masses.  Sure there were plenty of votes but never enough for Jones to take Man of the Match.  No doubt he will be looking to change the test of time this season. 
Another fine contribution deserving of recognition is the 20 goals he scored last season, landing him second place of the final top-goalscorer tally.
In conclusion, Romford Town FC owes a lot to Chris Jones and are in great debt from his services as Director of football, captain and an excellent player.

It was a huge football, but Jones was ready.

wet wet wet.