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Week 5 - RTFC - 6 Vs Mouldy Old Dough - 9
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Week 5 - RTFC - 6 Vs Mouldy Old Dough - 9

Relegation.  Since this whole gig started all the players and staff and even fans have wanted Romford Town to have the classic Romford Town relegation battle and it looks like it's finally on its way.
An enjoyable game of Wednesday night football started with the good news that finally a referee of stature was to manage the nights game.  A referee so revered over goals for his hard-hitting approach to football and the rules of the game.
From the off Romford Town were backtracking as Mouldy Old Dough started with energy and organisation.  Early attempts to keep things tight were enough but it wasn't long before Romford Town were down.  2 goals from Mouldy were enough to keep Romford Town from replying as the players steamed forward to bring things square, but to no avail. 
Honz came forward to shoot but his shots were denied by the post and going wide.  He did have his chance though as wonderman Mike Reade pressured a Mouldy player into a back-pass resulting in a Towners penalty.  The Honz stepped up, AND BOOOOMMM!.  No fucking abart, in it went and there was 1 back for the Towners.  It didn't take long for Honz to add to it as he came forward once again to slam a super-boomer against the Mouldy net.  2 for the Towners and 2 for the Honz.

Eminem always like a little runaround for the Towners

As the first half continued Romford Town continued to fight back.  Outplayed and outrun all over the pitch, the Towners still fought well to score more.  After some excellent use of posession and skill Dan Monteith had been trying to pop 'em in but shots were few and far between.  DMK had to get one though, so he did by curling one round the keeper from range.  A side-footed curler was unleashed from his own half but the keeper stood still to let the ball roll by, and into his goal.
Mikey Reade wasn't going to leave the game without getting on the scoresheet so he came forward to slip one past the keeper before the close of the first half.  The scoreline was always close but when the whistle went the towners had a lot to do to get back in the game.  Mouldy Old Dough were playing well and didn't want to let up.

The second half didn't start too well as Mouldy Old Dough extended their lead and Romford Town heads went down for a second.  It didn't take long to get them back up though as more Benny Brace defensive control resulted in a tough discipline of the back line and the closing down of Mouldy players. 
Stu's passing was on form as well to spot the runners from midfield and make the most of guilt-edge chances.  Stu passed up the lines to make space for the runners, DMK and Mike finding themselves out wide on occasion, pressured into the corners.

Benny enforces the back line with the hand of 'the rock'

Honz wasn't finished in the 2nd half though as he came forward again to attack.  A well pounced-on rebound and a top corner finish extended the Honz total to 4 goals on the night but a valiant effort to bring the scores close again was futile.  At 7-6 the Towners could see hope of taking control of the game but Mould Old Dough were fitter and on form to score another two and take the win. 
A fine night of football was encapsulated by an impressed ref - The KFC man himself thanked both teams for a good game.  Things weren't as clean as he would have liked as DMK was taken down and got up to push back the offending player.  Things simmered down for the match to continue but one can only think that things would have turned out differently if John McGhee and Roger Westwood were playing.
Player Ratings
Benny Brace - The 'Rock' back in form as ever to play a determined and well-controlled game of football.  Bens footballing knowledge is proving invaluable as he controls his fellow defenders and keeps things tight at the back, never scared himself to go booming in for a violent tackle!  A good performance on the night.
Chris Jones - Almost claimed his own first Man of the Match for the Towners but took it together with a deserving Benny.  Chris played like a trooper on Wednesday night and scored 4 fantastic goals as a deserving end to a wicked performance.  Flying high in the Top Goalscorer page.
Stu Pac - Played a good game, passing well from defense and continuing to make a good case for Romford Town to go 7-a-side when he can't play.  Improvements spotted in another difficult game.
Mike Reade - Always a pleasure to have Readey on the books and especially when he's on the scoresheet aswell.  A good passing game with some lovely tackling but his passion for the Towners is becoming tremendous.  Adding to all the thrill and excitment of 'The Experience'.
Steve Hammond - Another decent game in between the sticks that saw Steve save from all angles.  Was unlucky with a few of the goals that were scored against him but Mouldy Old Dough shooting was powerful and accurate and in most cases, unstoppable.
DMK - Another good night for DMK where he kept running with an improved fitness and scored a nice long-range goal.  That footwork proving useful once again as he dazzled unsuspecting Mouldy players with it.  Well done.
Rickee Murrell - First week with no goal scorered this season.  What does that tell ya?  SHIT THATS WHAT! SORT YOURSELF OUT MURRELL!
Managers Note;
To all those that were out on Friday night, what a night!  I just wanted to give a special mention to the Wideboy Lenny Leeson who's crazy legs dancing was absoloutly superb.  On the other hand your bartering techniques with cabbies is violence inducing!  Also, I will be having a little shindig on Sat 25th September for anyone who is up for it.  I'll have a few beers left over from the barbie but bring your own if you can.  Anyone who was at the Barbie is invited and an email will go out nearer the time.